Withdrawal from VLM 2013

Although this (understatement) isn’t the most positive opening statement ever made by a running blogger, I’ve decided to withdraw from the 2013 London Marathon.

There have been several cycles of niggles and recovery, niggles and recovery…

I need to be sponsored by a running physio.

It was clearly a case of trying to do too much running too soon. With my very limited mileage base and niggles, attempting to train for a marathon was stupid.

During the last four months I’ve done a lot of number crunching for my PhD, have fluctuated between enjoying my running again and getting in the miles and hating running because of my seemingly never ending niggles.

There have been tears on a number of occasions.

Running should never make me or anyone else feel like a failure.

At the moment I feel like I’m months behind with my research, and that is one of the reasons I’ve started running again, to help me relax.

Yesterday when I should have been running in the Silverstone Half Marathon I decided it was time to officially withdraw from the 2013 Virgin London Marathon. I managed to track down my runner number and 5 minutes later the deed was done…

I even remembered to cancel my hotel booking so for once I’m  quite organised and won’t waste loads of money. I must remember to enter the race again for 2014 and let the Prostate Cancer charity know that I’ve withdrawn.

In theory I am meant to be running the Fradley 10km this Sunday. After struggling to complete 5 kms in Sutton Park before lunch, I’m not convinced that I’m fit enough. Sunday is mother’s day and I don’t really want to be falling asleep during our evening meal.

Now that my running mojo has returned I’ll have something to write about.

I’m not making any guarantees…


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