It’s Getting Hot in Here

No I’m not going to moan about the current “summer” we are experiencing in England. I may, however, start to complain if the warm weather really does last for four weeks…
After my running club session on Thursday I’ve been a lazy runner. A combination of family commitments, tennis tournaments, visa application stresses and Andy Murray finally winning Wimbledon have led to limited running opportunities.
On Sunday after looking in the wrong store, I eventually found myself in the ‘sportswear’ section of H&M in Birmingham. I’m always willing to try out new (read cheap) running brands so I came away with a selection of blue shorts, black running top and reduced crop top. I wore the black top yesterday and it felt pretty comfy. The medium sized shorts are slightly too small (at the moment) and I’ve yet to test out the crop top. They also sell jackets and fleeces and running tights.
Yesterday I had to travel down to London to sort out my visa application for China. The conference in Beijing is at the start of August, so I didn’t want to leave starting my application until the last minute. I had completed my application form online, had some shocking passport photos taken (3rd time lucky) and booked my appointment online. Go me being all organised! I arrived at the Center at my pre-booked time, was handed a queue number, and then waited for over an hour to be seen. It took less than 5 minutes to go through my application form and supporting documents. Fingers crossed I’ll be able to collect my passport containing the visa on Thursday. I must remember to take the £65+ with me.
Following the Visa Application Center excitement (stresses) I headed back towards Oxford Circus and called into Niketown. They have some great running gear in at the moment; it’s a shame that I’m a skint student and had to leave the store empty handed. I then headed to the university and perhaps the hottest gym in England. The Regent Gym is located on the lowest floor of the Regent Street building, i.e. below ground level, you can hear the underground trains. There is no air conditioning so yesterday it was boiling in there. Still for £7 I can’t really complain. I also needed to kill some time before meeting my supervisor.
I think that in total I managed to survive 4 miles on the dreadmill. I have no idea how I once completed a half marathon on a treadmill. How my running habits have changed. I much prefer running outside and the cartoon below summarises how I feel about dreadmills.
Unfortunately, the lack of air conditioning inside the gym resulted in me doing a really good inpression of a lobster. Given that I had a review meeting straight after I left the gym, this was rather unfortunate.
I’m not sure that the photo successfully captured the full extent of my lobster impression. I don’t like the look of the red patches around my mouth, an allergy to treadmills?
Given that I skived off running club this evening I’m going to have to repeat my lobster impression in the morning. Night!

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