Competition Wins

Thanks to my niggly right foot and PhD thesis overload, I haven’t been doing much in the way of running recently. Not much running is the understatement of the year, I haven’t been for a run for ages. After ‘winning’ two twitter competitions today, I realised that I’ve been doing quite well on the competition winning front this year. It’s time to summarise my wins (can you tell I haven’t got much to blog about)…
1. London Midland ‘Shenstone’ Sheep – May 22nd

This was an easy prize to win. All I had to do was watch a London Midland YouTube clip, count the number of sheep in the clip, and then comment on London Midland’s facebook page. The result was the arrival of my very own ‘Shenstone’ the sheep a couple of weeks later. OK so the competition was clearly aimed at children and I have no pride!
2. Free Entry into the Color Run Manchester – July 11th

This was a simple re tweet this tweet to win type competition run by VitaCoco UK. Unfortunately an injury picked up during the National Lottery Anniversary Run and the fact that there was no baggage area meant that I never got to utilise this prize. Sorry!
3. Pair of Sennheiser CX 685 Sports headphones – July 16th

So strictly speaking these headphones aren’t actually a prize as such but more a reward for improving my ranking in the runbritain June Reward Running competition.  I am such a tortoise, all I had to do to get ranked within the top 10 was run a few parkruns. Believe me, it’s easier running a speedy 5 km than a snail-like 10 km. I’m not sure that giving out headphones to runners is sending out the correct type of message. Headphones are fine in the gym/running in parks etc. Leave the headphones at home for all other running. Sorry rant over!
4. Copy of The Art of Running Faster – August 6th

I found out that I won a copy of this book while I was in Beijing. This was one of the regular competitions run on the Fetcheveryone running site. I’ve been a member of Fetch, or a Fetchie since approximately 2006. This was the first time that I had won any of the competitions run on the site, hopefully it is the first of many wins. Now all I need to do is suss out how to run slowly before cranking up the speed.
5. Free Entry into the Run to the Beat Half Marathon – August 11th
This was another re tweet and win competition run by VitaCoco UK. I was one of 10 lucky people to win an entry into the RTTB half marathon organised by Nike. After a bit of stress getting my details entered into the race database, my race pack finally arrived yesterday.

The race is this weekend so there is nothing like leaving it until the last minute. Unfortunately unless I get the all clear from my physio tomorrow, I won’t be taking part in the half marathon. Running injuries are a nightmare.
6. Retro nuun pack – September 5th
And now for the first of today’s two twitter prizes. Earlier in the week Nuun Hydration ran a simple re tweet and win competition, I was one of three very lucky winners.

If anyone needs some nuun tablets let me know…
7. Chiltern Trains Mainline Teddy – Sepetember 5th
OK so not strictly speaking a running related prize but the Chiltern Mainline teddy can join Shenstone the London Midland sheep. This was really simple prize, all I had to be was one of the first 10 people to reply to one of Chiltern’s tweets. I may have been slightly too speedy but hey I have no shame!

A girl can never have too many teddy bears… 
Unfortunately I am yet to win the services of a PhD thesis writer.

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