Marathon Musings

Receiving my copy of Marathon News now seems like a distant memory.

I had *really* started to enjoy my running again, and was planning on how to combine the last few months of my PhD with marathon training when disaster struck.

My right foot has been causing me issues for a number of years. I think it’s one of those irritating running niggles that you have to live with. My left foot has always been niggle free.

Unfortunately, after falling into an uncovered hole left by some workmen (I may have been drunk) and injuring my left foot, my running has been non-existent.

For once I was really looking forward to starting my marathon training. After much researching of training plans, I had selected Hal Higdon’s Novice 1 plan. I had been really organised and had even printed out and populated a calendar with my training plan.

Stupid Foot.

I haven’t run for almost a month. My running kit is ready and waiting for me and my garmin is charged. I just need the confidence to get out there and test out my foot.

In an attempt to muster up some enthusiasm, I’ve been lusting over running gear and gadgets that I don’t really need. I must check out these Groovy Run shorts on a daily basis.

Thanks for the pic lululemon *sobs*

However, at £48 a pair, I think that they are slightly too expensive for my student budget. Please run a competition and let me win a pair. I’d be more than happy to test run these shorts and write my thoughts. I think it’s time that the Groovy shorts were seen outside of London.

When I’ve finished my PhD and have a well paid job, I’ll be able to buy loads of expensive running shorts.

I almost signed up for a women’s Running race earlier today. Next year an event will be held in my local park; Sutton Park.

I just love this description of *my* park:

“Lying six miles to the north of Birmingham city centre this landscape is a mosaic of open heathland, woodlands, wetlands, marshes and seven lakes, each with a rich variety of plantlife and wildlife, and delivering a sense of wilderness in an urban environment.

Our two-lap course route uses well-surfaced, wide and undulating pathways and will ensure all runners and spectators enjoy the captivating scenery within this historic landscape.

We say: “Come to the Midlands’ Mecca for running!”

I got as far as filling in all my details. The race costs £24 which is pretty expensive for a 10km, but the goody bag looks very impressive. I then noticed the £2.56 ‘processing fee’. Erm, really? No offence Women’s Running but I think that £26.56 is too steep for a 10km. You can’t charge what I term London prices outside of London.

I’d be interested to hear what other runners think. Is £26.56 too much money for a 10km event? Is the goody bag worth the entry fee? What is the medal like?

Enough questions. I’ll stop moaning now.


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