Christmas Running Gifts

I have enough running clothing to last me for the next decade. As a result, this Christmas I limited my running related presents to the following items:
1. H&M Functional Jacket (£34.99 now sold out)
Described by H&M as a jacket in a reflective, water-repellent functional fabric.
I have no idea what they mean by functional fabric, hopefully a couple of test runs will make everything clearer. The fabric does, however, look remarkably similar to the fabric forming the basis of the vastly overpriced Nike Shield Flash jacket.
I’m sorry Nike. £240 for a jacket!? Get real!
2. Mondetta Performance Gear (MPG Sport) Running Top (£19.99 from TK Maxx)
Now I love MPG Sports running/sports gear. For a start it actually fits me, finding tops that have long arms is a challenge. Secondly it is available in TK Maxx so tends to be cheap.
The other evening I noticed that TK Maxx now have a limited selection of sports clothing available online.. This enabled me to buy my second Christmas present to me, without having to brave the Boxing Day shopping carnage.
A quick search for “MPG” branded sportswear yielded the following three results:
I went for the light grey option on the left and less than a minute later it was paid for.
I’m looking forward to receiving my text message and collecting my latest purchase. I’m not sure I actually want to wear this while I’m running. I suspect the top will be another pre- and post-running purchase!
3. Workplay Bags fleetfoot II Running Bag for Women (£29.99 plus P+P)
After failing to win one of these bags in a couple of twitter/blog competitions, I bit the bullet and used some of my Christmas money to make my last purchase.
This bag has received great reviews from a number of runners, so I am looking forward to testing it out on a run. I just need to get back into running!
So that’s it now for running related purchases. My main resolution for 2014 (other than completing my PhD) is NO MORE RUNNING RELATED SHOPPING!

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