My Favourite Run

As my running is limited at the moment I decided to walk the majority of my favourite running route in Sutton Park. Walking the route meant that I had plenty of time to take (too many) photos and to enjoy the scenery. It also reminded me of how lucky that I am to live next door to Sutton Park.

The not so wild ponies in the Park.

This is actually quite a steep hill. I’ve decided that photos can lie!

At the top of the hill take the right-hand turn.

My favourite downhill section towards (upper) Bracebridge Pool
Quite a nice feature (well I am a hydrologist).

Happy memories of avoiding the footbridge and running straight through the water in the summer.

 I swear that this is another challenging hill!

 Over the railway line.

Run past the ‘Arena Field’ one of the busiest areas of the Park. The location of the dog attack incident (I’ve still got the bite marks).

Another slight ‘updulate’ heading away from the Arena Field and parallel to the main access road from Streetly Gate.

Still going.

…approaching the railway

This is the first time I haven’t encountered a load of train spotters.

 Health and Safety

Running across the railway lines (I have had to wait for freight trains a few times).

 Heading back towards the start.

This part of the route can be challenging in ‘normal’ trainers when it’s wet.

Nearly at the end…

Not sure why I included this photo?

Final gate (please remember to close the gates).

The end!

Does anyone else have a favourite running route(s) they would like to share??


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