Reminiscing through Medals

I spent the morning looking for a report my supervisor allowed me to “borrow” when I started my PhD. While I was searching for the report, I found the bag containing all of my running medals. I’m clearly more of a plastic bag than a customised medal hanger kind of girl.

Looking through my medals brought back some amazing and some not so amazing memories. I’ll always associate the Telford 10k medal with my PB for that distance. My 2008 London Marathon medal reminds me of the pain of running a marathon on a broken foot.

There are medals for races which for many reasons no longer exist. In 2005/2006 I could have taken part in an event in Sutton Park virtually every Sunday morning, now there are far fewer events. There is the medal from the Drayton Manor Park 5k, an event which only lasted a year (running through a deserted theme park wasn’t as amazing as it sounded), the slightly unusual horse brasses from the Little Aston 5 mile, an event organised by my running club.

The number of medals correlate with my injuries and running mojo. 2006 was clearly a great year whereas 2009 was virtually a write off.

So here is my medal collection…

And finally, the downside of living in more than one place and not looking after your medals is this…

The unidentifiable/impossible to date medals! Perhaps it’s time to invest in a medal hanger?

I reached the “not that bothered about medals” stage some time ago. Medals are great but I would prefer a technical running top. The Lichfield 10k is great because they hand out technical tops instead of medals. You specify the size of running top when you enter.

I would love more events to offer a slightly cheaper “no medal” option.

Do you love medals or would you prefer a technical running top? mug? water bottle? better goody bag?

Do you have a favourite medal?


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