Back to Basics: Week 2 Recap

“Not another dull blog entry?” I hear people asking. Erm, I’m sorry to disappoint you all but this blog is number 2 in a series of 6 blogs hopefully documenting my return to 10k running.

This week I decided to try to be more like Lynsey Sharp. My aim was to follow Lynsey’s “GET OUT STRONG COMMIT” approach to running.JS43230618This approach lasted for the first 15 minutes on Monday.

I must confess to feeling slightly concerned about some of the running sessions in Week 2 of the training plan I’m following. Running for a couple of minutes was tricky, running for four minutes would be a real challenge.

Monday: 35 minutes (1 minute brisk walk followed by 4 minutes of jogging). Repeat 7 times

I.AM.SO.UNFIT!! I’m also not very good at running up hills and very good at talking myself out of running. I attempted this session on the roads of Four Oaks Estate at lunchtime. It was pretty humid, and after 15 minutes I started to feel really peaky. I suspect that the humidity and hunger weren’t a winning combination. I had to extend the length of the 6th walking break and was very lucky that the majority of the final 10 minutes were downhill.

Although I got home and drank two glasses of orange nuun, I still felt thirsty for the rest of the day. My calf muscles started to feel really tight after this training session.

Time 35 minutes: Distance 5.40 km Pace 06:26/km

Tuesday: Rest

Tuesday was meant to be a rest day… However, in an attempt to stretch out my calf muscles I headed out for a 2.5 mile walk at lunchtime. I also tried to torture myself on my foam roller. Stupid calf muscles. I need to find someone to give me a sports massage.

Wednesday: 35 minutes (1 minute brisk walk followed by 4 minutes of jogging). Repeat 7 times

Another frankly crap run. I tested out my new pair of Tribesports shorts and found that although the waist fitted perfectly, the built-in shorts were far too loose and rode up my thighs while I was running (does anyone else have this issue?). My calves were sore and I struggled with the Four Oaks hills. The negative thoughts about my ability to ever run a 10k filled my mind.

Why am I always so negative?

Time 35 minutes: Distance 5.35 km Pace 06:33/km

Thursday: Cross Training

I decided to replace the cross training with a good session on the foam roller. My arm muscles are so weak, I find it hard supporting my own body weight while so to me: using the foam roller = cross training(ish). Sorry my legs are so white, I’ve missed the summer.


Friday: 35 minutes (1 minute brisk walk followed by 4 minutes of jogging). Repeat 7 times

Friday was meant to be another 35 minute walk-run-walk session. Unfortunately my calf muscles were feeling very, very tight so I decided to amend my training plan. The aim of the game was to do Friday’s session on Saturday morning.

Saturday: Rest

I was meant to be out of the door and running by 7am. A lack of sleep (I’m too old to survive on 3 hours’ sleep) combined with a dodgy stomach following a Friday night takeaway meant I delayed my 35 minute walk-run-walk session until Saturday evening. No more Chinese takeaways for me. Rubbish food in = Rubbish training.

I eventually headed out of the door in the evening. I must have looked quite entertaining with my bright pink compression socks and trainers. I don’t care what I looked like as the socks really helped my calves. I must remember to use BodyGlide as I now have a really sore right armpit (sorry if I’m adding too much information).

Time 35 minutes: Distance 5.54 km Pace 06:19/km

Sunday: Cross Training

You guessed it. Today has involved more fun with my foam roller and with The Stick. Does anyone else find torturing themself really difficult or am I just a massive wimp?

Highlights of Week 2:

  1. Being brave (sensible) enough to amend my training plan. In previous years I would have attempted to run though calf niggles.
  2. The fact that my right foot hasn’t fallen apart (although it is niggly).
  3. Being sent some ace compression socks to test out (thanks CEP).
  4. Hopefully resolving the issue with my trainers (thanks Brooks).
  5. Not stopping after 15 minutes on Monday, I really wanted to.

Lessons Learned From Week 2:

  1. Don’t overestimate my own ability (again)!
  2. Don’t be afraid to adapt training plans.
  3. Be patient, Rome wasn’t built in a day.
  4. Drink more before running.
  5. Try to avoid running during the warmest part of the day!

Week 3 looks really challenging!

Does anyone know any good stretches for calf muscles? Bearing in mind I have the worlds longest legs and haven’t been able to touch my toes since I did ballet aged 6. I guess I need to work on my flexibility!


4 thoughts on “Back to Basics: Week 2 Recap

  1. pscapp says:

    Ride your bike and start taking Bikram Yoga classes. Really, Yoga will stretch your calves. It will take a while yo wrap your head around that style of yoga but it works and it makes you stronger. Good luck.


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