All I want is…

After having a successful couple of weeks offloading my unwanted running gear on eBay, I’ve been busy updating my running “wish list” with some replacement bits and pieces. I actually quite like the idea of my running habit being self-funded.

Although I haven’t unfortunately sold enough gear on eBay to fund all of the items on my “wish list” I’ve already accidentally made a couple of purchases. If I had unlimited funds I’d be busy adding these 10 items to my running collection. I’m hoping that my family read this blog post in time for C*******s!

Karrimor Running Socks Ladies £5.00


It’s good to start with something cheap and cheerful and in my humble opinion these are the best running socks out there. At only £5 for two pairs from Sports Direct they are dirt cheap. Why pay loads of money for socks when these socks do the job?

H&M Sports top £14.99

H&M top

H&M is now one of my favourite sports stores. I’m lucky that the Birmingham store has a better selection of sports gear than the flagship store on Oxford/Regent Street. Perhaps there is a better selection in Birmingham because according to sports brands people who live outside of London don’t run or go to the gym. H&M’s sports gear is very reasonably priced and is generally made to last. At less than £15 I love this racer-back sports top.

Nike “End is Near” Women’s Running T-Shirt £23Nike tee shirt

I’m not generally a huge fan of Nike as I’m too tall for their running gear, but I love this t-shirt. Hopefully the end of my running career isn’t near!

H&M Running Top Running top £24.99Long sleeve top H&M

This long-sleeved running top is the second H&M item in my running wish list. As a tall runner, I love the fact that the top is designed so that it is slightly longer at the back. A quite note to running brands, tall women run too!

Tribesports Women’s Performance 2-in-1 Shorts – Black £28w_black-shorts_3

Tribesports describe these as the “ultimate training shorts, designed for optimal coverage and range of motion”. Although I wouldn’t say that these are the “ultimate” shorts, I already own a pair of these in grey and will be adding a black pair to my collection.

Oiselle rundies $65.00Rundies

I’m not sure if I’ll manage get hold of a set of Rundies, but with friends visiting both the USA and Canada over Christmas I’m sure that I’ll find a way.

Sweaty Betty Time Trial Run Shorts £50.00SB898_CityLights

I love these shorts and *may* have accidentally just bought myself a pair. I’m not sure that I’ll be wearing them for the suggested time trials and hill sprints, but they will be making an appearance in the summer 2015.

Lululemon Run: Swiftly Tech Long Sleeve £62.00Lululemon

As a student I should love the idea of anti-stink technology! I’ve been known to work up quite a bit of a sweat (understatement) so I’ll be able to determine whether the Silverescent® technology is fact or fiction. Although at over £60 this top is expensive, I’ve only heard positive feedback on Lululemon. I’ve also heard rumours that Lululemon gear is great for taller runners.

Gore AIR 2.0 AS LADY Vest £99.99 – £109.99Gore

I love Gore running gear. Over the years I’ve progressed from Nike/Adidas via a number of other brands to Gore for my running gilets and jackets. Although Gore running gear is quite expensive, I believe that you get what you pay for. The combination of it raining a lot in Sutton Coldfield and me being a bit of a wuss when it comes to running when it’s wet means that I need a good running jacket. My existing Gore running jacket is more than 4 years old and has a cost per wear value of less than £1.

Garmin Forerunner® 620 £359.99acf-vt

I love my Garmin and over the 10 year period I’ve been a running stats geek I’ve owned four different Forerunners. I admit that the Forerunner 620 is far too good for my current standard of running, but Father C*******s (i.e. my family) may be feeling really generous this year.

I also need to track down a decent pair of trail shoes. Can anyone recommend me a pair?

Do you have a running wish list?


2 thoughts on “All I want is…

  1. skinnedcartree says:

    I love sports direct for running and cycling gear, I bought all my stuff from there when I first started running and I’ve slowly started to introduce more expensive gear into the mix. I have those socks in grey. Woo.

    Corinne x


    • phdrunner says:

      Thanks for reading my wish list blog post Corinne
      The Sports Direct socks are the best short running socks I’ve found. I’ve tried various other more expensive socks, but always return to my Sports Direct bargains. I don’t think there is any point in spending a fortune on running/cycling gear!
      Emma x


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