Working with Brands

***I suspect that this may turn into a slightly ranty post, so stop reading now if you don’t like my moaning***

After being rejected by another running brand earlier this week (more on this later), I have been thinking about what makes a “better” running blogger…

I have concluded that having more twitter followers does not automatically make a person a better blogger. By only working with bloggers with large number of followers on twitter, I genuinely believe that brands are missing out.

Brands only appear to work with London/SE based bloggers. Guess what running brands, there are loads of runners living outside of London. It has reached the point where I can predict which group of London-based bloggers will be sent the same kit to review. The group never seems to change which is a shame. It would be awesome to see brands working with new bloggers, outside of London.

I have also concluded that, as a runner and not a healthy eating obsessive, the most “popular” running blogs are not necessarily the most enjoyable running blogs. After getting bored with the endless product reviews, race reviews and class reviews, I stopped reading most of the London-based blogs. No offence, but in my personal opinion, the majority of these blogs do not represent the experiences of runners in the rest of the UK.

Recently I have read some seriously misleading product reviews in blogs. By misleading I am referring to the subject of non disclosure. Although I am reluctant to name and shame, this is probably one of the most misleading posts I have seen. At the start of the post the blogger states that she bought the items, however, towards the very end of the blog it becomes clear that the items were actually provided by SportsShoes. I really dislike being misled by bloggers.

Incidentally I applied to work with SportsShoes as a product reviewer and was unsuccessful. I pitched myself as a new(ish) running blogger who had not worked with a major running brand before (I viewed this as a positive). Unfortunately, my application to blog for SportsShoes did not even receive a response. As a regular user of SportsShoes this was disappointing.

Although I fully understand that a brand can pick and choose who they work with (at the end of the day runner bloggers provide cheap advertising), I was disappointed to not even get a response. In future I will not be purchasing my running gear and trainers from SportsShoes.

So please make it clear when you are writing a glowing review of a product you were sent for free. Also please check for spelling mistakes and typos. The occasional spelling mistake and typo is fine, these things happen. A post that is full of spelling mistakes and typos is not acceptable, especially when you are working with a brand. If in doubt, please ask someone to check your post before you hit submit.

By the way the correct spelling is definitely (not defiantly or definately).

As for my most recent and not very positive experience of working with a brand, events earlier this week reinforced my opinion that brands are only interested in working with bloggers with a large number of twitter followers. I have added Flip Belt to my list of brands who are apparently only interested in working with runners with a large social media presence.


3 thoughts on “Working with Brands

  1. Violet Alexandre says:

    Emma in reading your blog I feel terrible about your experience. The funny part is it doesn’t surprise me at all after I from the opposite side of the coin have been reaching out to bloggers about an app my husband built for me. Anyhow……long story but it isn’t easy to find people that will legitimately try out and write about your product, service etc. I would love to have you do that with our product. With that in mind, hopefully you will have my contact information from this response and let me know if you are interested and perhaps we can connect. Warmly, Violet


  2. Lucy says:

    Sorry to hear that you feel like brands are not interested in working with you. Surprised at SportsShoes as I’ve seen their reviews on a real variety of different blogs. Where abouts are you based? I’m always sent opportunities for blogging about events etc. which are outside of London. I’m still quite new on Twitter and new to blogging, so don’t have much of a following but I’m not worried about building it up particularly. My blog is probably full of spelling mistakes- I do struggle in that area!


    • phdrunner says:

      Hi Lucy, thanks for sharing your experiences. I contacted SportsShoes and didn’t receive a response. I’m based in Sutton Coldfield (north of Birmingham) and never get sent any blogging opportunities. The only brands I have worked with are those I have contacted myself. I suspect that if the right people/brand PRs aren’t aware your blog exists then the opportunities won’t ever come. I also know that my blog is probably too opinionated for a lot of brands. My spelling is terrible but I try to limit my mistakes/typos, I tend to ask other people to read through my waffle before I hit submit.


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