Juneathon Day 6

How do people with full-time jobs manage to write interesting blog posts every single day of the week, and find time to train? I’ve got so much respect for these bloggers; the Juneathon challenge has made me accept that although I could exercise every day, I could never blog on a daily basis.

Day 6 of Juneathon will be remembered for SPSS and statistics, Andy Murray losing and new route finding.

While the majority of the running community were out and about getting their weekly parkrun fix, I was sat at my computer repeating some statistical assessments in SPSS. These assessments are really tedious but needed to be done. Four hours and a couple of SPSS strops later I had finished, a productive start to the weekend.

I then watched Andy Murray fight back to win the 4th set before easily losing the final set. Although Andy lost I have a feeling that he will win both Queens and Wimbledon this year.

My Saturday afternoon was spent doing the ironing, some gardening and snoozing. As I was in danger of failing Juneathon in the first week due to the total absence of any form of exercise, I decided to head out to do some route finding.

Streely Map

At the moment I’m trying to avoid having to run down too many steep hills. Although running uphill is more challenging, it doesn’t seem to trigger my knee pain. As soon as I run downhill my right knee starts to grumble. Over an hour of walking later I had covered more than 5 miles and had found some new flattish (by Four Oaks standards) routes.

This website is great for measuring out routes for muppets like me who forgot to switch on their GPS watch. It also plots altitude profiles which is very useful for hill avoidance.


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