Juneathon Day 20

On the twentieth day of the Juneathon challenge I managed to head out for an hour long stroll at lunchtime. That was the only real exercise I did #runningfail

I also managed to squeeze in the following ‘slactivities’

  • Making coconut oil, blueberry and banana bread – I must have burnt off a few calories tidying up the mess I made while I was in the kitchen.
  • Watching England beat New Zealand in the cricket – watching England’s run chase certainly used up a lot of nervous energy I
  • Reading Juneathon blogs – reading about other people running must surely count as a form of exercise?
  • Reading Runner’s World magazine – again reading a running magazine must almost count as going for a run?
  • Spending an hour weeding – surely gardening must count as a form of exercise?
  • Searching for cheap Brooks Adrenalines – no trainers means no running!

As I sit writing this blog ‘masterpiece’ on Sunday morning, I can confirm that Day 21 of Juneathon will actually feature some running and some hills.

Are any other Juneathon participants finding the blogging part of the challenge easier than the exercise part of the challenge?

Does anyone actually read this waffle?


2 thoughts on “Juneathon Day 20

    • Emma says:

      I’m rapidly realising that I’m more lazy and unfit than I realised. I don’t know how people manage to run every day, I would be constantly tired and injured.


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