Rants and raves #4

**Disclaimer: this post was written while the author was experiencing Maranoia. As always, all rants, raves and opinions represent my own views. Other (far superior) less opinionated running blogs are available**

Yesterday, I realised that I haven’t had anything to rant about since last July. This is a good thing. As I’m feeling a little bit grumpy at the moment I thought that I’d resurrect my rants and raves series.

Rant: items going ‘missing’ in the post

I ordered a personalised Walsall Arboretum parkrun t-shirt from Tribesports at the beginning of February. After Tribesports agreed to send me a replacement due to the quality of the personalisation of the first t-shirt I received (my 5 year old niece could have done a better job) I was sent a men’s t-shirt by mistake. I returned the men’s t-shirt and am still waiting for a replacement to arrive. The second replacement sent out by Tribesports never arrived. Hopefully it will be a case of fourth time lucky. I want to wear my sexy apricot t-shirt!

More recently a parcel transported by a courier failed to arrive at my house. The courier was apparently unable to deliver the parcel and the parcel was subsequently returned to the sender. I’m slightly dubious about this particular incident as there are only two houses with my postcode (my Tribesports orders have been sent to a different address). Couriers don’t usually have an issue finding my house. In addition, I didn’t receive any form of communication from the courier. Strange. Luckily Lululemon haven’t had any problems finding my house.

Rave: Lululemon running skirts for tall people

I never thought that I’d find myself writing this, but I’ve really fallen in love with my Lululemon running skirts. I bought my first skirt on eBay last summer for £15. Not bad considering the skirt had never been worn. I love a good bargain!

Walsall Parkrun 15_08_15 2Nice skirt, shame about me!

More recently I treated myself to a purple Lululemon running skirt. So a huge thanks to Lululemon for giving this taller than average runner the confidence to run in a skirt. Now I just need to stop dazzling people with my bright white legs.

Rant: social media induced maranoia

The various online running communities I subscribe to are generally awesome. Unfortunately, as we approach the weekend of the London Marathon I’m having to distance myself from Farcebook. I can only cope with so many London Marathon themed nightmares. So far I’ve dreamt about leading the marathon, someone stealing one of my trainers and getting my foot stuck in glue. I wondered why I was feeling so nervous about the London Marathon. I then realised that I had been spending far too much time reading about potential London Marathon disasters. I’ve got the experience to realise that it’s extremely unlikely that I’ll collapse, and the common sense to realise it’s impossible to get lost during the marathon.


I know how to attach my running number (another popular question) and how to collect my number and how to navigate to the red start (I’ve read the final instructions). I’m now having a small break from certain online running communities and already feel more relaxed.

Rave: my Garmin Forerunner 220

I recently purchased a second-hand Garmin Forerunner 220 as the battery life of my Forerunner 10 was rubbish. While I’m only just starting to get the hang of my new running toy, I love all of the additional features. I’ve already discovered that for someone with longer than average legs, my stride length is crap.

Garmin 220I have no idea what most of this stuff means!

I’m already looking forward to analysing my London Marathon splits and statistics. Fingers crossed the battery lasts for more than 5 hours!

Rant: my left foot

I’m also hoping that my left foot lasts the marathon distance. Now my right knee has *touch wood* decided to stop hurting, my left foot has decided to make itself known to me. I’m not sure if the occasional twinge is a niggle or an actual injury. I’m praying that my metatarsal stress fracture isn’t about to make an unwelcome reappearance. I don’t want to have to seek medical assistance during the marathon.

Rave: Brooks Adrenaline GTS 16 trainers

I love my Brooks Adrenaline GTS (Go-to-shoe) 16s, and will be upset when I have to replace them. This week, in addition to pounding the pavements of Four Oaks, my Brooks have been for a couple of pints in the Barley Mow in Marylebone, and for a slightly overindulgent meal in the Royal China restaurant on Baker Street. I was the only person wearing trainers in the Royal China.

Brooks GTSThey don’t look quite so pristine now.

At some point I’ll write a detailed review of my Adrenaline GTS 16s. Knowing me it will probably be after the release of the GTS 17.

Sorry Brooks!

Would you consider running in a running skirt?

Do you think social media has led to an increase in maranoia?


7 thoughts on “Rants and raves #4

  1. Laura says:

    I would definitely consider a running skirt someday. When I’m a more confident runner and a little more comfortable in my skin (getting there!) I’d like to try one. Good to know there’s someone out there who makes them suitable for tall girls, too!


    • Emma says:

      Thanks for taking the time to read and to comment on my waffle Laura. I’m definitely a convert to running skirts. I’m not a very confident runner myself, and was worried about wearing a running skirt, but I’ve had nothing but positive experiences. I say go for it!


  2. Maria @ runningcupcake says:

    I love these rant and rave posts! I actually had a dream last night that I signed up to do Brighton 2017- I have only done 2 marathons (Brighton was my second last year)- but I have no plans to do another one soon- maybe when I am 40! But I think seeing all of the posts about Boston, Brighton and London have been playing on my mind, and the feeling as you cross the finish line of a marathon is pretty amazing, so I suppose it will be more tempting to sign up at this time of year. Last year I was glad to do Brighton before everyone I knew did London, as I had the nerves to myself, and then when they were feeling paranoid and terrified, I could look at my medal and feel relief that it was over for me!
    That is so annoying about the post. One of my friends had a huge rant as she was waiting in for a delivery and sat by her front window looking down the path, when she got an email saying they had tried to deliver and no-one answered. She was so annoyed and was trying to explain to them that she was actually there.
    I think I am too short for a running skirt- I did have one once but only wore it when it was baking hot and I was desperate, as it gave me very stumpy legs! I prefer a nice short capri. Glad you found something you like though- it’s worth stocking up when you can.


    • Emma says:

      I do love a good rant! I’ve have to stop myself from signing up for Brighton entry email reminders a few times! I have no idea why I’m feeling so nervous about London. I was fine 10 years ago the first time I ran a marathon! I’ve written several ‘what could potentially go wrong’ lists and packing lists. I’ve reminded myself that I’m in London on Saturday chilling out (stressing!), so I only really need to remember my trainers, number and charity vest. Anything else can be bought!
      My parkrun t-shirt finally arrived yesterday. My friend once witnessed a delivery van pull up outside her house, post something through the letterbox and then drive off. She assumed they had delivered her parcel; all they had delivered was a ‘sorry you were not in’ card. My main irritation is when you are allocated a time between 08:00 and 17:00 for a delivery. Nothing beats waiting in all day for a parcel and it arriving at 16:58.
      Embrace your running skirt this summer! I almost think my legs are too long for running skirts. I tried on a Lululemon skirt in a regular length and it was indecent. Their taller length running skirts are only just long enough. I’m hoping that as it’s nearly the summer, Lululemon introduce some slightly more colourful running skirts.


  3. runningprincess78 says:

    I LOVE a running skirt and actually prefer to race in one now. So comfy.
    I hope your foot is ok. I had a stress fracture of the second met in my right foot at the end of last year but I just ran the Paris marathon and had no trouble from it at all. Maybe the niggle is part of the maranoia 😉


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