April review

I can’t believe that it’s May already. Time really does fly when you get older. At 37 I’m now officially old. Anyway, moving on quickly… Regular readers of my blog (thank you so much) know that I’ve started to produce a summary of my training at the end of each month. Last month I also decided to share some of my experiences as a small running blogger.

What worked well? What (if any) were my running related achievements? What would I do differently given the opportunity? I then like to look ahead to the new month.

Marathon madness

The focus of April was my return to running and the London Marathon. My niggly knee and foot meant that my training in the lead up to the London Marathon was virtually nonexistent. Not ideal! Some mornings my knee would feel great, other mornings the pain would return. Looking back I suspect that a lot of the ‘pain’ was all in my mind. While I probably could have completed a few more training runs, I didn’t want to risk having to miss the marathon. In the end I completed the London Marathon in a not very impressive time. I didn’t respect the distance and ultimately paid the price. I won’t make the same mistake again.AprilAccording to my Strava stats I only completed five runs covering an approximate distance of 62 km during April. I clearly took the concept of tapering before a marathon to a whole new level.

Although April wasn’t a very good month from a running perspective, I did complete the London Marathon without cheating. Other runners, it seems, were quite willing to cheat.

Running costs

April was an expensive month. I spent £38 on train tickets to and from the London Marathon Expo and to and from London for the marathon itself. I also spent approximately £40 during the marathon weekend on food, drink, blister plasters and travel. Luckily my accommodation was free.Running inexpensiveI also purchased some CEP compression sleeves while I was at the London Marathon Expo (£29.99) and a copy of a photograph (£7.99) of me actually running during the marathon! A top tip for all London Marathon runners, take a look the Marathon Moments website.

Blogging experiences

I had a positive month and received invitations to classes in London. I was also sent some really interesting products to review. Unfortunately, I had to say no to the healthy energy bars as I have a nut allergy! My biggest regret was not attending the 2016 Running Awards and the pre-event run organised by Strava. If I receive an invitation again next year I’ll make sure that I attend the awards. My review of the London Marathon was viewed over 1,250 times in one day. I can now retire from blogging.

Looking forward to May

The first week of May will see me back pounding the pavements of Four Oaks. I can’t wait! My blisters have now had a week to heal, I’m missing running. The focus for the remainder of May is the Hill West 10k in a couple of weeks’ time. I want to complete the challenging off-road event without having to walk. I would also like to complete a couple of parkruns and to get nearer to that elusive sub-25 time. Finally, I want to improve my diet and to put an end to my Diet Coke addiction.

Here’s to a successful May!


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