Rants and raves #19

**Disclaimer: I’m writing my latest selection of rants and raves after spending the majority of the weekend on my own. I’m also experiencing BBQ #FOMO. As always all rants and raves and moans and groans represent my own views. Other (far, far superior) and less opinionated running blogs are available**

Rave(ish): The Weather

After a wet and generally miserable start, the weather improved towards the end of August. As an added bonus, the weather on Bank Holiday Monday was perfect. Untitled 1Not bad for a Bank Holiday Monday!

Although the weather is pretty rubbish in Four Oaks this morning, I reckon that now the summer holidays are over, the warm weather will make another appearance at some stage.

Rant: BBQs

The only downside to the return of summer has been the increase in the number of people having BBQs.


The distinctive aroma of a BBQ is always guaranteed to make me feel really, really hungry. After a couple of cancellations due to wet weather, I’m still waiting for my first BBQ of the year.

Rave: Running

I’m still enjoying my half marathon training and *fingers crossed* my fragile feet are just about coping with the increased mileage. Last month, I successfully navigated 47 miles of pavement pounding.

Four Oaks EstateI’m making the most of being able to run. 

Not bad considering I only managed to run approximately 10 miles between February and June. I just hope that nothing drops off between now and the date of the Great Birmingham Run.

Rant: Drunk people on trains

Although, l definitely enjoy the occasional drink, I know my limits and know when to stop. Call me boring, but there is nothing worse than travelling on public transport with excessively drunk people. In the last four weeks I’ve witnessed ‘adults’ fighting, men being sexist, someone throwing up all over a train, kids attempting to set fire to a train and generally behaving like plonkers.Train grumpI can’t wait to start driving again.

Unfortunately, a minority of people act like muppets when they leave the pub. Last Sunday I ran near a couple of popular local pubs. I had to avoid smashed bottles and glasses, a half eaten Mc Donald’s, the contents of several overturned wheelie bins, a couple of piles of vomit and a pair of discarded boxer shorts. In my attempt to escape the smell of rotting rubbish, I bagged myself a Strava achievement. Every cloud and all that.

Rave: Decluttering and eBay

I’ve been decluttering the junk in the attic since the beginning of the year. I’ve discovered my school reports from primary school – I’ve always been a bit of a boffin, and the shirt everyone signed on the last day of senior school in 1995. Other random discoveries included my GCSE physics and chemistry notebooks – I hated both subjects – and my gymnastics BAGA awards. The majority of my childhood junk is now back in storage in the attic.

Thanks to eBay and a couple of local charily shops, I’ve been slightly more successful at decluttering my unwanted running gear and trainers. I’ve genuinely got no idea how I managed to accumulate so many pairs of barely worn trainers, but I managed to donate 14 pairs to a Birmingham-based shoe charity. I’ve got one more pile of clothes to sort through and then I’m done.

Rant: Royal Parks Half Marathon

Like a lot of runners, I’ve been unsuccessful in the ballot for the Royal Parks Half Marathon six years in a row. Last month I turned down three last minute charity places in the event. This year, it appears that quite a few charities struggled to fill their allocation of places. I suspect that quite a few places remain unfilled. Hopefully the number of ballot places will be increased next year. A runner can always dream.

Rave: Running Heroes

At the end of last month, I received an email with the subject – Ted Baker challenge winner! – from Running Heroes. At first I thought it was yet another dodgy email so I checked my Running Heroes account.Ted Baker

A running bonus.

It wasn’t a hoax; I really had been selected as one of 10 lucky winners. I can’t wait to receive my vest top and leggings from Ted Baker.

Rant: Wheelie bins

A rather random one to finish with, but the Birmingham bin strike is very much back on again and could continue into 2018. Awesome. As the bin collections never actually returned to normal after the last strike, I only got to enjoy one week of wheelie bin and smell free running. I was lucky. Residents in some areas of Birmingham have been waiting for their bins to be emptied for over eight weeks. I can’t begin to imagine how bad the stench must be. I’m already looking forward to running past piles of rubbish during the Great Birmingham Run next month. It will be a great advertisement for the City!

Once again, if you’ve reached the end of my latest random selection of rants and raves, then thank-you!

Due to the overwhelming generosity of the running community, A Mile in Her Shoes is not accepting clothing donations at the moment. Does anyone know of any alternative charities?


7 thoughts on “Rants and raves #19

  1. AnnaTheApple says:

    I had a horrible drunk people encounter on the train at the weekend. They were sat right outside the toilets and when I tried to close it they kept pushing the open button. I was quite desperate so persisted and eventually managed to be quicker than them and lock it before they could open it again. They were so loud and when I came out they shouted at me..it was awful!
    I’m also using eBay (and charities) to declutter before I move out. I’m selling handbags on eBay and though its a faff to do it is nice to get some cash at the end!


    • Emma says:

      That sounds pretty horrendous. I’ll never understand why drunk people feel the need to intimidate others. After a few too many near misses with vomit, I now tend to avoid sitting anywhere near the toilets on trains. On Friday and Saturday night services, the local train company now tends to lock the toilets out of use. Although it’s only a 30 minute journey, it’s not ideal if you are desperate.
      I’m kind of regretting my eBay listing session on Sunday. Virtually everything is selling so I’ll be upsetting the local Post Office again on Monday. The extra cash at the end is a massive bonus.


  2. wanderwolf says:

    The raves are awesome and the rants with a nice dose of humor. 🙂 looks like things aren’t too bad. Hope you get invited to a BBQ soon, before summer is out. If you were in the area, you’d have gotten one from me for sure. Not too weird for my crowd!


    • Emma says:

      Hey, I hope that you had a great summer holiday! Thanks. Things aren’t too bad at the moment. I hope everything is good with you too? This morning I found out I’ve got an interview for a job I applied for ages ago. Hopefully now people are back at work I’ll hear back about a few more of my applications. I also found out a paper I submitted ages ago has been accepted for publication. I’ve been invited to a BBQ on Saturday. I just need the weather to improve.

      Liked by 1 person

      • wanderwolf says:

        🙂 hope that BBQ worked out and the weather was nice! Also, great news on the applications. Hope you find a job that’s good for you very soon! (If you haven’t already, I’m a bit behind on blogs)


  3. Maria @ Maria Runs says:

    Drunk people are usually the worst- I feel really intimidated very easily and I would always choose a quiet carriage on a train if that was an option.
    Nice work on the running heroes prize! I keep signing up but have never won and was beginning to wonder if they actually ever chose winners- now I know!
    The bin strike must be awful- especially over the summer- bleurgh.


    • Emma says:

      I’ll always do my best to avoid sitting near groups of drunk people on trains. As I travel alone I make sure I sit either at the very front or the very rear of the train. At least then I’m near the train driver or the guard. Although the local trains don’t have the option, I always sit in the quiet carriage when I travel down to London.
      To be honest, I was starting to feel the same about Running Heroes. I’d entered loads of challenges but never won anything. Getting the email from them was a pleasant surprise.
      The bin strike would be slightly more bearable if people used a bit of common sense. There’s now a website that tells residents which week collections are due. Unfortunately, people seem to ignore the website and leave their bins out blocking the pavement the whole time.


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