Rants and raves #22

**Disclaimer: I’m writing this blog post after spending the majority of the day inside. I was aiming to complete a 60 minute run this weekend. After I nearly broke my neck walking the short distance to the local shops, I decided that attempting to run would be stupid. As always all moans and groans and rants and raves and represent my own views. Other far superior and less opinionated running blogs are available.

Rave: The support of other bloggers

Once again, I’d like to thank everyone who took the time to read and to comment on my Feeling a bit lost and alone post.  Your support and comments really did help. I’m trying to be more positive and to focus on the present and the future more. I can’t change the past, but I can learn from my mistakes. I’m finding the festive period quite challenging, but hopefully this time next year, I’ll feel confident enough to attend a couple of Christmas parties.

Rant: Flexitol blogger perks

Back in 2015, I wrote a review for Flexitol. This review has featured on their blogger sign up page for more than two years. The same page promotes quite a few perks for bloggers; one perk is sponsorship from Flexitol for your next sporting event/challenge.

I recently emailed Flexitol to ask about sponsorship for my half marathon in March. After a slight delay, I was informed that Flexitol are “not currently running a blogger campaign that would offer sponsorship of an event, or the opportunity to report from an event for Flexitol…”

I was offered more products to review or to hold competitions with my followers. After questioning the out of date information on the blogger sign up page, I was told that Flexitol would be reviewing site content in 2018.

I wasn’t paid to write a review for Flexitol and only wanted them to stick £10 on my fundraising page. The whole saga has left me feeling pretty frustrated.

Rave: Myprotein Fitness Awards

Although my blog wasn’t nominated in the Running Awards, it has been shortlisted in the ‘fitness’ category of the Myprotein Fitness Blogger Awards 2017.


I have no idea why my running blog has been shortlisted in the fitness category, but I’m quite pleased that my running waffle is starting to receive some recognition. It’s a shame I’ll be rebranding my blog at some point in 2018.

Rant: Snow (and ice)

For once the weather forecast was correct, and it snowed all day in Four Oaks on Sunday. Yesterday, temperatures remained well below freezing all day.


Unfortunately, the snow has now turned into ice, and the pavements around here are pretty dodgy. I’ve been obsessively checking the weather forecast, and I don’t think I’ll be able to run outside until Thursday #thirdworldproblems

This guide to walking safely on ice made me smile.Walking on ice


Having long legs means that I’m definitely more Bambi than penguin when it comes to walking on ice. I only fell on my arse once yesterday so I’m definitely getting better.

Rave: The generosity of people I’ve never met

After a slightly steady start, my fundraising is now going so well, I actually feel guilty that I’m ‘only’ running a half marathon. The majority of people who have sponsored me are runners I’ve never actually met in ‘real life’. I’ve increased my target and will continue to irritate my friends and family on Farcebook. My mentor is going to share my fundraising page with his academic contacts, so I’m reasonably confident I’ll raise quite a bit for the Butterfly Thyroid Cancer Trust.

I wish I was feeling equally as confident about my half marathon training.

Rant: Active.com

Quite a few people who have entered races via Active.com have had fraudulent activity on their credit/debit cards. When I highlighted the issue to an event organiser, they weren’t interested. So I’ve you’ve entered any races recently via the Active.com site, keep an eye on your bank account.

Have you ever had a negative experience as a blogger?

Did you have a lot of snow where you live?


9 thoughts on “Rants and raves #22

  1. pursuingtheprocess says:

    When I blogged for a bit last year, I had anonymous people postin hateful comments from the contact box to my email address – I showed my old lady and she was shocked. I found it funny and put it down to their self-hatred…chalked it down to doing better than them.

    Great post, and congratulations on being shortlisted!


    • Emma says:

      Thanks! I’ve just ordered a mega takeaway so I don’t think I’m much of a fitness blogger. I’ve genuinely got no idea how or why my blog was shortlisted in a fitness category. That’s terrible; there are some really pathetic keyboard warriors out there. I’ve always published the shitty, negative comments. What happened to your blog?

      Liked by 1 person

      • pursuingtheprocess says:

        Well, at least you understand balance!

        I saw it as motivation back then; if anyone really has to hate on you and try and get into your head in order to feel good, it says more about them than it does you. If someone is trying to ‘get in your head’ it’s because you’re already in there’s.

        But to answer your question, I decided that I could culminate all of the knowledge I was writing out into an e-book. It felt that it would reach a lot of people in a far smaller space of time. I’m currently in the process of looking for the right candidates to promote it for the big launch.


  2. Charlotte says:

    I’m increasingly impressed by how nice other bloggers are since I’ve started moving away from the lifestyle beaut niche. As a woman confidently living in a larger body as well as identifyi as chronically ill I feel like I have been really welcomed into the fitness and wellness community in a space where you don’t often see my body type! I’m looking forward to trying out more and more exercise in he new year (I’m currently banned until 8 weeks post op!)

    Congratulations on being shortlisted!


    • Emma says:

      Thanks for reading my latest set of rants and raves. I’ve been reading your blog and I love how honest you are. I’ve discovered that the vast majority of fitness/running bloggers are really friendly and supportive. However, I can imagine the lifestyle/beauty niche could be quite what I call, competitive. I’m sorry you’ve had a tough time recently and hope that your recovery from surgery goes well. Good luck with completing your #Illgiveitago bucket list in the New Year.


  3. Maria @ Maria Runs says:

    When I was at school I used to be called penguin as apparently I walked that way, who knew I was getting ready for the ice this whole time.
    Yes, lots of snow here (although no minus 12!)- Sunday was pretty and great to walk in, but since then it has all frozen and so the pavements are really dangerous- if only people would be responsible and clear the paths in front of their houses (we did) then it would be much better. It seems that there is rain now so hopefully it will wash the snow away.
    That’s a shame about the flexitol- they really should update things like that!


    • Emma says:

      I used to be called Crazylegs Crane (amongst over things) when I was at school.
      I haven’t been able to run outside for a week now. The ice on the pavements is taking ages to melt. We had another couple of inches of snow last night and then some rain. Not a great combination. The roads were really dangerous this morning as for some reason the Council decided not to start gritting until 7:30. I’ve got everything crossed that the heavy rain and warmer temperatures make an appearance on Sunday.
      If Flexitol don’t update their website in January I’ll delete my review. I don’t want to be seen supporting a brand that has made false promises.


  4. AnnaTheApple says:

    We had snow in Llandudno while I was there but not in Southampton. We rarely have snow here because of the warming effects of the sea (or so I’ve been told). I decided not to run on it as it was just too dangerous for my clumsiness!
    And it’s never “just” a half marathon… that’s actually still a long way to run.


    • Emma says:

      I’m going to sound really ‘bah humbug’ but I’ve had enough of the snow and ice now. The pavements were just starting to clear and then it snowed again last night. Most of the local parkruns have been cancelled tomorrow due to the icy conditions. I need to move to the coast!
      You’re right, a half marathon is a long way to run! I found three miles a struggle last week.

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