Rants and raves #23

**Disclaimer: I’m writing this blog post after getting very limited sleep last night. As a result I’m feeling incredibly tired and grumpy. I’m also a little frustrated because the weather is rubbish. As always all rants and raves and moans and groans represent my own views. Other far less moany and far, far superior running and fitness blogs are available**

Rave: Running

I don’t want to tempt fate, but I’m really enjoying most of my training runs at the moment. Okay so running loops around a slightly dodgy housing estate in the dark isn’t ideal, but I genuinely believe that some running is better than no running. This may some daft and slightly paranoid, but I’ve reached the stage that I’m enjoying running so much, I’m scared that I’m about to pick up some sort of new and completely random injury.

I was actually quite pleased with my recent 10 mile run.


Running with the Run Wallingford group has enabled me to meet people and to make friends outside of work. However, whenever I run I’m scared I’ll pick up an injury and will have to miss my weekly training sessions with Run Wallingford. I’m also aware that if I get injured I may not be able to complete the Cambridge Half Marathon and would let down my mentor and all the people who have sponsored me.

Rant: my complete lack of self-confidence

Most of you know that just over three weeks ago I started a new job. Unfortunately, I already feel like I’m not doing very well and that I’m a burden on the rest of my team. I’ve done the same job before and feel I should have picked up exactly where I left off, and hit the ground running. Slightly daft given that I last worked as a hydrologist in 2009. One of my colleagues reminded me that it takes at least six months to feel completely settled in a new job. I’m hoping to feel slightly more confident in my new role before June.

Sometimes my complete lack of self-confidence is a nightmare. I’m certain that I come across as being quite negative. Although I’ve now stopped feeling stressed during my 30 minute walk into the office, I still feel as if my manager is about to realise she made a huge mistake, and that I’ll be asked to gather my belongings before being escorted out of the office.

Rave: Wallingford

Although Wallingford definitely doesn’t feel like ‘home’ at the moment – probably because I’ve been spending my weekends in Four Oaks – I’m hopeful that when the weather improves, I’ll start to enjoy living in the town. A number of colleagues have told me that once people move to Wallingford they rarely leave. I’m not convinced!IMG_0803Parts of my 1.5 mile walk into the office are incredibly scenic. I love walking across Wallingford Bridge and checking out the River Thames every morning. I’m really looking forward to being able to run along the river when the weather improves in the spring. One of my housemates is a runner and has promised to show me some of his favourite running routes.

Rant: The weather

Can someone explain to me why the weather is generally okayish during the week but rubbish during the weekend? I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve checked the weather forecast for tomorrow morning. Some sites are forecasting icy conditions others are forecasting heavy rain. This is such a #thirdworldproblem but I just want to be able to run without worrying about snow and ice.

BBC Weather

And don’t get me started on the complete lack of consistency between Met Check, the Met Office and BBC weather. It’s 2018, surely there should be slightly more consistency!?

Rave: Flexitime

One of the main perks of my new job has to be the flexitime system. There are other perks but the flexitime system is my favourite. Thanks to the wonders of flexitime, as long as I’ve done enough hours, I’m able to escape from the office at 15:00 on a Friday afternoon. Leaving the office at a sensible time means that if my trains aren’t too delayed, I’m back at home eating a Chinese takeaway less than three hours after leaving the office.

Rant: Noisy housemates

Five of my housemates are really friendly and the house is generally so quiet I forget I’m living with six other people (luckily there are two bathrooms and three loos). However, one housemate has a rather irritating habit of cooking his breakfast at 05:30 and turning on the extractor fan. Not ideal when my room is directly over the kitchen and I’m generally kept awake until 23:00.

The first time it happened – the noise was so loud even my deluxe earplugs didn’t keep the noise out – I wondered what the hell was happening. I’ve now got used to being occasionally woken up at 05:30 but I can’t say that I’m thrilled when I hear the extractor fan first thing in the morning.


I’ll save the running the tap and instant shower scalding combination, the lack of living room and the loo roll thief rants for a future rants and raves blog.

I was going to rant about delayed, smelly and overcrowded trains but I think I’ve complained enough already. I also need to do something slightly more productive with my Sunday afternoon.

Once again, if you made it to the end of my latest random selection of rants and raves then thank you!

How is your running going at the moment and do you have any races planned? Although I’m slightly paranoid I’m going to pick up an injury, I think I’m finally starting to look forward to the Cambridge Half in March.

Does your job come with any unusual perks? My office is located a short walk from the most amazing gym. I can’t wait to be able to afford the membership fees.  


9 thoughts on “Rants and raves #23

  1. AnnaTheApple says:

    Honestly I don’t think that feeling of being “caught out” ever stops. I have felt like that in every job I’ve had and while I was at university. My dad tells me he feels exactly the same as he’s one of the main managers of the company! But your colleague is right in that it does take a significant period of time. So don’t stress too much.
    The extractor fan thing is a little unreasonable. Does he need to put it on? Can he open a window? You could ask him to listen to how loud it is in your room when it’s on to prove your point?


    • Emma says:

      I used to feel really confident in my last hydrology job. I know exactly what you mean about that feeling of being “caught out”. I keep waiting for the meeting where I’m given my P45 because they realise that they made a massive mistake! I think being a temp is half of the issue. In theory, as soon as I get up to speed and feel more confident in my role, it’ll be time for me to leave.
      Unfortunately, the bloke who uses the extractor fan has a major “don’t care” attitude and wouldn’t take any notice if I said something. The food he cooks for breakfast smells so vile, it’s probably a good idea he uses the fan.


  2. Maria @ Maria Runs says:

    I think most people feel way above their stations- I am in the fake it til you make it camp now and seem to be convincing others if not myself! You’ll get the hang of it soon I’m sure.
    It’s great that your training is going so well- and soon the evenings will be light enough to run away from roads- this last week has been noticeably better in that I can see my car in the car park when I leave!


    • Emma says:

      I feel like I’ve been faking it most of my career, I’m definitely in the fake it til you make it camp. I had hoped that getting my PhD and a couple of academic papers would increase my confidence, it hasn’t. At the moment I feel like I’m sitting in an office surrounded by people who know what they are doing. My colleagues have been incredibly helpful but they are all so busy it’s hard to know when to ask them for help.
      My training is going so well I’m starting to get a little nervous. The evenings are definitely getting lighter. It’s no longer completely dark when I leave the office at 17:30. Roll on the lighter evenings.


  3. wanderwolf says:

    Don’t get injured!
    And that “getting caught out” seems so ubiquitous, but it doesn’t stop us from feeling insecure. I feel that way in my graduate school. My mentor reminded me: we chose you, right? So you are right here. Just trust in the process! And bother someone with your questions. It’s good for them to take a break too, and most people feel good helping others.
    And glad the training is going so well!
    Finally, 5:30 AM guy rude! I’d go at 5:15 and hog the stove from him, just to p him off.


    • Emma says:

      Thanks Wanderwolf, I’m doing my best to avoid picking up an injury! My calf muscles were a little niggly during my 12 mile run earlier, but I’ve ‘treated’ them to a session with my foam roller and they are feeling much better.
      I felt like an academic imposter throughout my PhD research.
      I had hoped that I’d feel more confident when I started working, but if anything, I’m more paranoid than ever that I’m about to get found out.
      I’m tempted to disconnect the extractor fan (there must be a way) so that 05:30 guy can’t wake me up.

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