Rants and raves #24

**Disclaimer: I’m writing this blog post after my niggly right knee prevented me from even attempting my final long run before Cambridge. As a result I’m feeling a little bit mardy. I’m also a little grumpy because the weekend is nearly over and I’m about to travel back down to Wallingford. As always all moans and groans and rants and raves represent my own views. Other far less negative and far, far superior running and fitness blogs are available**

Rave: Royal Parks Half

After complaining about my six consecutive failures in the ballot for the Royal Parks Half, I’m thrilled to be able to turn a rant into a rave. A couple of Fridays ago I noticed this ‘Congratulations’ email in my inbox.Royal Parks HalfAnd to think I almost didn’t bother to enter the ballot as I thought I was guaranteed to be rejected for the seventh year in a row. I’m over the moon because I’ve now got an autumn target race, will be able to tick off one of my bucket list races and will be able to continue with my fundraising.

Rant: Fundraising

Although I’ve raised £464 out of my £1000 target, fundraising for the Butterfly Thyroid Cancer Trust isn’t going quite as well as I’d hoped. My friends, family and a couple of people I’ve never actually met have been really supportive. I’m incredibly grateful for all of their donations.

Unfortunately, my mentor Geoff’s ex-colleagues at the university haven’t been very generous. An email sharing my fundraising page was sent around some of his ex-colleagues a couple of weeks ago. Not one of them have sponsored me. I have to hope that some of them feel a little more generous when I’ve actually completed the half marathon.

I can’t wait to meet some of them at Geoff’s belated retirement.

Rave: Lighter mornings and evenings

When I started working in Wallingford a month ago, it was dark in the morning when I walked into the office and dark when I walked back home. Throughout January, I didn’t actually get to see the centre of Wallingford in the daylight. Last week, it was light enough at 17:30 to walk home without my torch (part of the route has no streetlights) and I actually got see some of the town.

WallingfordI can’t wait for the lighter mornings and evenings.

Running along the River Thames before work will be far more enjoyable than running around slightly scary housing estates. I’m also less likely to injure myself when I can actually see where I’m putting my feet.

Rant: My fragile body

Guess what? I have a feeling that my knee niggle has unfortunately developed into a ‘proper’ injury. It’s my fault for ignoring my tight calf muscles and for running parkrun the day before a 12 mile run. Injury ecard


I’ve cut back my running, have worn my CEP recovery socks, have spent what feels like hours torturing myself on my foam roller and have tried to be sensible. I just have to hope that my knee settles down enough to let me run the Cambridge Half. I also have to hope that running the half doesn’t cause long-term damage to my knee.

Rave: Run Wallingford

Although I’ve only made it to a couple of training sessions with Run Wallingford, the group are incredibly friendly and I’ve enjoyed the challenge of running and training with other people. I’m already looking forward to the lighter evenings and exploring the countryside around Wallingford.

Rant: Public transport

Until I can afford to buy myself a car, I’m going to have to rely on public transport to get me to and from Wallingford.

In order to get back home on a Friday, I catch a bus from Howbery Park to Oxford, a train from Oxford to Birmingham and then a local train from Birmingham to Four Oaks. Last week, the bus from the office was running 15 minutes late and then caught up in traffic in Oxford. The delays meant that I missed my train to Birmingham and had to stand for almost an hour.

During the last five weeks, I’ve encountered manspreading and elbowing, smelly students, an aggressive man who refused to move from my reserved seat, people coughing and spluttering, kids crying, couples arguing, drunks and racists.

I can’t wait to get my own car and my own space!

Once again, if you’ve reached the end of my latest collection of rather random rants and raves then thanks!

If money was no object, what would be your ultimate ‘bucket list’ race?

Have you had any negative experiences on public transport recently?



4 thoughts on “Rants and raves #24

  1. Maria @ Maria Runs says:

    I don’t envy you with the buses and trains but mainly because I would worry about missing one of them. I don’t mind getting a train- it’s easier than driving into London for example. But sometimes there are idiots on there- we were going in a while ago on a Saturday afternoon and there were some guys, probably on a stag do, standing at the front of the carriage and shouting at everyone in the carriage (I think trying to do stand up comedy but it just came across as being offensive)- I was glad to get off that train.
    I’d love to do the royal parks but I didn’t enter this year as I didn’t think I’d get in and it was so expensive. It just goes to show though that you have to be in it to win it.


    • Emma says:

      I got stuck in traffic for 30 minutes in Oxford yesterday and thought I was going to miss my later train. Thanks to my running fitness I caught my train with about a minute to spare. It was quite stressful. My rant must have worked as my last couple of train journeys have been relative incident free.
      If I get injured, you can have my Royal Parks place. Getting a place has definitely made me alter my race plans. I don’t think I’ll be entering the London 10,000 now as I need to save some money. Thanks to free accommodation and cheaper train tickets, I actually think that the Royal Parks weekend will be less expensive than Cambridge is turning out to be.


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