Juneathon Day 6: the one with some goodbyes and a karaoke

I’m still locked out of my laptop so this will be another short post. I’m also rapidly running out of time and haven’t even started to pack up my belongings. Day 6 of Juneathon was a roller coaster of emotions; I’ve never been very good at saying goodbye to people. I’m not looking forward to leaving Wallingford for good tomorrow.

Day 6 of Juneathon got off to a great start, I just about managed to squeeze in a full English breakfast. If they handed out gold medals for eating I’d be near the top of the list. I’m npt looking forward to stepping on the scales when I get home on Friday.

My penultimate day in the office felt a little strange. I managed to complete a couple of slightly overdue pieces of work and kept myself busy. I remembered to print out some bits and pieces to read on Monday when I’ll be waiting for my new work laptop to arrive.

After work I popped into to the Old Post Office for a couple of pints with a colleague and then headed back to my lodgings. After a quick sit down, I found myself heading next door for some wine, nibbles and impromptu karaoke. I’d like to say that our karaoke singing was amazing but I have a feeling that we irritated quite a few people.

Random photos from Day 6

Regular readers of my Juneathon waffle will notice that my ‘random’ photos have a bit of a theme…food and Howbery Park. I haven’t included photos of my colleagues as I wouldn’t want to appear in my blog without permission 🙂

Best thing spotted on the Internet on Day 6

Another random tweet and I’m aware that quite a few people don’t agree with women’s only races. I think they are great as they get women running and racing.

Cumulative Juneathon distance: 5km 😦

Do you have a favourite karaoke song? I’m not sure that my attempts at This Used to be my Playground were very successful. Sorry Madonna.


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