Bucket List

Great Wall of China 2013

My “life” bucket list

  1. Buy my own house
  2. Learn to drive (completed when I was 17)
  3. Go travelling in New Zealand (done in 2005)
  4. Travel to New York
  5. Learn how to cook (there is more to life than pasta!)
  6. Complete my PhD
  7. Go sky diving (done while I was in New Zealand)
  8. Do a bungee jump (done while I was in New Zealand)
  9. Climb Mount Kilimanjaro
  10. Walk along the Great Wall of China (done in 2013)
  11. Get published in an academic journal (done in 2017)
  12. Learn how to be happy!
photo 2

Fox Glacier – New Zealand

My “races” bucket List

  1. Race the Train (this event has the most awesome medals)
  2. Royal Parks Half Marathon (seemingly more difficult to get into than the London Marathon)
  3. Great Birmingham Run (completed 16/10/2016)
  4. London Marathon (I’ve got unfinished business with this event)
  5. Berlin Marathon (flat and fast)
  6. Cakeathon Challenge (running, cake and an amazing medal, the perfect combination)
  7. The underround challenge (I love the idea of visiting 42 London Underground stations on foot)
  8. The Millennium Way Ultra (definitely an event for the future)

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