Juneathon Day 4: the one with the rain, tears and Thai meal

Once again, there may well be a few typos as I’ve had a couple of beers. I’m not sure if my Wallingford colleagues are trying to finish me off, but my schedule for the rest of the week looks a little full on. I can’t believe that this time next week it will all be over.

I had a productive day in the office catching up on emails, number crunching and writing hand-over notes. I’m going to miss my hydrology colleagues more than they probably realise. Apparently, they will miss the banter and expertise I bring to the team. They said such nice things I may have cried a little.

After work I headed to the Old Post Office with a colleague. I’m not sure that drinking a couple of pints in less than an hour was sensible. Pints completed; we walked the short distance to the local Thai restaurant and met up with our team leader. The food was amazing and reasonably priced for Wallingford.

And now it’s 22:30 and I need to have a shower before I head to bed. I didn’t make time for my three mile run, there’s always tomorrow. I mean it would be rude not to run on Global Running Day.

Random photos from Day 4

Best thing spotted on the Internet on Day 4

Cumulative Juneathon Distance: 0 km

Are you planning on heading out for a run today? I really hope I woke up early enough to complete a couple of miles on Global Running Day.

If you had to choose between a Chinese. Italian, Thai and Indian restaurant where would you pick? I think I’d always opt for a Chinese restaurant.


Juneathon Day 3: the one with the entertaining train journey and trip to the Old Post Office

I’ve made it back to Wallingford. This post may well contain a few typos as I also made it to the Old Post Office pub in Wallingford. I have a feeling that this week may well turn into quite a boozy and foody week.

I tried and quite possibly failed to make the most of my unexpected day of annual leave. I spent a bit of time when it was sunny trying to take some photos for a couple of review posts. I don’t think I’ll be winning any awards for my blog photography. I updated my CV and sent off an email to find out more information about a job I’d seen advertised. I don’t want to waste everyone’s time if I don’t have the relevant qualifications and skills.

After lunch, I travelled down to Oxford for what I hope will be the last time Cross Country train journey for quite some time. I don’t want this to turn into a moanfest, but I’ve had a few pints so I’ll be extra honest. I wanted my final train journey between Birmingham and Oxford to be relaxing; it wasn’t. Why do some passengers feel the need to ‘share’ their shitty music with everyone? I seem to attract what I’d describe as slightly scary passengers.

There may well be more public transport related rants as from next week I’ll be commuting across Birmingham. I can’t wait…

The centre of Oxford was a little on the busy side, and I was pleased when the bus to Wallingford made an appearance. I got back to Wallingford, dumped my bags and then headed to the Old Post Office to meet a colleague. I’d like to think that the tomato bruschetta starter and Chicken Caesar salad main cancelled out the four pints I consumed but I’m not convinced.

Day four of Juneathon will hopefully be slightly less boozy and more active.

Random photos from Day 3

After not having many photo taking opportunities yesterday, I could have bored you all to tears today with dozens of photos of Oxford, Wallingford and the Old Post Office.

I decided to share four photos which just about sum up the third day of Juneathon.

Best thing spotted on the Internet on Day 3

As a gin lover, this sounds just about perfect 😊

Cumulative Juneathon Distance: 0 km

Juneathon Day 2: the one with the missed morning run, blogmin and train related issues

In an ideal world, I would have been writing this blog in my room in Wallingford. Unfortunately, thanks to some train related issues, I’m still at home in Four Oaks. I’m not going to miss spending four hours on a Sunday travelling from Four Oaks to Wallingford.  Spending an extra night at home and being able to watch the season finale of Chicago Fire is a definite positive.

So, what did I get up to on the second day of Juneathon?

Day two of Juneathon didn’t get off to the best of starts when I managed to sleep through my 05:30 alarm. I must have been quite tired as I didn’t wake until almost 10:00. I need to get back into some sort of running routine ASAP. In an attempt to rekindle my running mojo, I treated myself to a pair of these shorts from Lululemon. It’s all about the pockets and I love Lululemon.

Thanks to the weather – whatever happened to the weekend heatwave? – the remainder of the day was so dull, I’m not sure it’s worth writing about. I completed and scheduled a couple of slightly overdue review posts. I spent another couple of hours tackling what I hope were weeds. At 16:00 I packed my bags and checked the trains were running. Rather predictably there were some issues; my train was running so late I would have been stranded in Oxford. I didn’t fancy spending over £30 on a taxi so decided to stay in Four Oaks.

I ensured that I made the most of my bonus evening in Four Oaks. I finished another review post, picked up some bits and pieces from the local convenience store, and wrote a couple of ‘thank-you’ cards.

Fingers crossed I make it down to Wallingford at some stage tomorrow. Although I’ve now booked Monday off as annual leave, I’ve already arranged to meet up with a colleague in the evening.

Random photos from Day 2

I’m afraid that there aren’t any photos as I had planned on taking some in the centre of Oxford, sorry  😦

Best thing spotted on the Internet on Day 2

With apologies for the slightly cheesy quote.

This is something I’m still working on at the grand old age of 40. I wonder if I ever will stop comparing myself to others.

Cumulative Juneathon Distance: 0 km 😦

Did you have a good weekend? I hope that the weather was better than it was in Four Oaks.

What have you been enjoying on TV recently? Now that Chicago Fire has ended, I need some recommendations.

Juneathon Day 1: the one with the trip to the dentist and missed parkrun

Have you ever booked an early doctors or dental appointment and then regretted it? My latest attempt at Juneathon started with a 06:30 alarm and a peaceful morning walk to collect some retainers from my dentist. Perhaps not ideal for a weekend, but it meant that I managed to tick off quite a few ‘adulting’ tasks. It unfortunately also meant that I didn’t make it to my local parkrun.

So, what else did I get up to on the first day of Juneathon?

After the realisation that I didn’t need to schlep into the centre of Birmingham to purchase my travel pass, I spent ages trying to find a reasonably flattering passport photo. I *think* I successfully set up a monthly direct debit and purchased a travel pass; £72.60 a month doesn’t seem enough for a monthly train pass. If it really is that cheap, from next Monday I’ll be saving a fortune on both rent and travel costs.

I spent an uncomfortable couple of hours assessing my personal finances. While leaving Wallingford means I’m going to save a lot of money, I’m seriously considering finding myself a weekend job. Perhaps I should be brave and should say ‘yes’ to some of the sponsored review posts I’ve been offered. I’ve thought about monetising this blog for some time, but don’t have a clue where to start.

The rest of my Saturday was what I’d describe as dull. I mean I didn’t even go to the pub. I spent an hour gardening, an hour ironing, and an hour in bed catching up on some much-needed sleep. Life really does begin at 40… I then had a reminder of what life was like as s PhD student when I headed into my old university for a violin lesson. Birmingham University is amazing; I’m convinced that the campus is constantly changing.

It think its pretty safe to say that Juneathon got off to a steady start. When I made it back home in one piece – the Cross City line can be quite entertaining on a Saturday evening – I laid out some running kit, set my alarm, ate slightly too much chilli con carne and then created this blogging masterpiece.

As I don’t want my Juneathon updates to look like essays, so throughout June, I’ve decided to take and to share some random photos each day. I just hope my colleagues in Wallingford don’t mind! I’ve also decided to share something that grabbed my attention – good or bad – on social media.

Random photos from Day 1

Best thing spotted on the Internet on Day 1

I’m definitely not afraid to take a day off. At the moment, I’m more afraid of actually running.

Cumulative Juneathon Distance: 0 km

Do you think I should attempt to monetise this blog? I’ve literally never made a penny from this blog; it actually costs me money. The occasional bit of free kit is amazing but doesn’t pay the bills.

Can you think of any unusual ‘thank-you’ presents for my colleagues in Wallingford? So far, I’ve thought of chocolates, posh biscuits, some sort of plant for the office. For someone who is usually good at thinking outside the box I’m struggling!

The return of Juneathon: the annual festival of activity and excuses

Juneathon banner

Good morning, I hope that everyone who reads this is having an awesome Saturday. So far today I’ve collected some replacement retainers from the dentist and have missed parkrun. Hopefully my day will get better! I’m posting on a Saturday because it’s the start of June which can only mean one thing; the return of Juneathon.

I last completed Juneathon four years ago, I was nearing the end of my doctorate, had a niggly knee and was skint. Fast forward four years and my PhD days feel like a lifetime ago and I still have a slightly fragile knee.

June has the potential to be a difficult month as I’ll be leaving Wallingford (there will probably be tears) and starting a more challenging job in south Birmingham.

What is Juneathon?

The aim of Juneathon is to run or cross-train every day in June and blog about it.

I have a feeling that on some days, the extent of my exercise may well be limited to walking to and from the office and lifting up a pint glass. I’ve not run a lot this year so attempting to run every day would be reckless.

If you are looking for reviews of gym classes or updates from a dedicated runner, I’m afraid that this probably isn’t going to be the blog for you. If you want an insight into the trials and tribulations of life as a 40 year old hydrologist with a niggly knee, this is the blog for you.

Why am I attempting Juneathon?

To put it simply, I haven’t blogged (or run!) much recently, so I hope that Juneathon will make me accountable and give me a much-needed kick up the bum.

As I don’t want to be blogging late into the evening or after a pub session, I suspect that some posts may be quite short. I’m going to try to include at least two ‘daily photos’ to keep things a little more interesting and there will be some stats.

Here’s to a successful (and injury-free) Juneathon.

 *To hopefully make my blog slightly easier to follow, all of my Juneathon posts will be categorised in the Juneathon category*

Juneathon Day 30!!

Today marks my successful completion of Juneathon 2015. I can now return to my usual output of a couple of blogs a month.


10 Juneathon statistics:

  1. Total number of blog posts – 30
  2. Approximate number of words/waffle – 6500 (sorry!)
  3. Total Juneathon runs – 11
  4. Most enjoyable Juneathon run – getting lost in Sutton Park on Day 9
  5. Cumulative Juneathon distance – 49.24km (so close to 50km!)
  6. Races completed – 0
  7. Juneathon injuries – a sore right heel and tight right calf.
  8. Most dubious Juneathon Slactivities – watching cricket and athletics on Sky
  9. Most worthwhile Juneathon Slactivity – giving blood
  10. Best Juneathon blog – there are loads of amazing Juneathon blogs, go and have a read.

Will I take part in Janathon/Juneathon in 2016? I’m not sure but it’s always a possibility.

Juneathon Day 9

After getting lost on Day 9 of Juneathon.

Finally, I’d like to thank everyone who has commented on my Juneathon blog entries, and the numerous runners who have supported me over on Twitter.

Weight at the start of Juneathon: 80.3 kg

Weight at the end of Juneathon: 79.3 kg

Juneathon Day 29

The penultimate day of Juneathon corresponded with the start of my attempts to train for the Birmingham Great Run which takes place in October.

Great Birmingham Run

Day one of my half marathon training schedule said…

 “Gentle 3 mile jog”

I can manage a gentle jog!

After I realised that I hadn’t switched my Garmin to miles, I ended up run-walking my way to 5 kilometres in 31:52 #muppet

At lunchtime I travelled down to London on a scarily empty train to meet a friend. From what I can recall, in the evening I drank several bottles of Monteith’s beer and ate far too much gorgeous Italian food.

The end of Juneathon weigh-in could be slightly embarrassing.

Cumulative Juneathon Distance 49.24 km