Juneathon Day 11: the one with yet more rain, soggy socks and a lot of emails

I hope that everyone is having a great week. I’m writing this update on Tuesday evening. I’ve just got back from work and am finally starting to feel warm after feeling cold all day. I must invest in a waterproof jacket; fleeces aren’t very effective when it’s raining.

My Tuesday didn’t get off to the best of starts as I got soaked walking to the train station. After a damp and chilly wait – for some reason the waiting room was locked – I boarded the 06:52. I had assumed trains before 07:00 would be quite quiet; the 06:52 was full and standing several stops before Birmingham New Street.  I’ll have to see how busy the 06:32 service is. Anyway, enough train related chat. I reached the office and found myself somewhere to sit. I’m not sure if other offices have a clear desk policy but it’s a minefield.

I had a productive morning and managed to respond to a lot of emails. I can already tell that this job will be more challenging than my previous job in Wallingford. I hope I cope with the increased workload. I must remember to ask for help if I start to feel overwhelmed. I don’t want a repeat of what happened last summer.

After a busy afternoon of e-learning and technical queries, I decided to leave the office at a sensible time. Leaving early meant that I missed the evening rush-hour at Birmingham New Street and was home before 17:00. I think I may have sussed out my afternoon escape, I just need to make sure I get out of bed early enough to avoid the morning rush-hour.

My evening was not very productive. My DNAfit kit arrived, I decided to hold off opening it until the weekend. I had originally aimed to complete a couple of product reviews. After spending all day staring at a computer screen I decided to give my eyes a break. I’ve no idea how people find the energy to run; after a 05:30 start I felt so tired I decided to ignore my trainers and to focus my attention on making something to eat.

Hopefully, once I adapt to my new routine I’ll have a bit more energy in the evenings. I’ve been feeling so tired recently, it will be interesting to see if the DNAfit kit highlights anything.

Random photos from Day 11

Once again it so wet I didn’t take many photos. I’m not even sure that my morning and afternoon rainy photos show just how heavy the rain was. 

Hopefully the weather will be a little brighter tomorrow. I don’t want to spend the day wearing soggy trainers and socks.

Best thing spotted on the Internet on Day 11

I’ve been a Fetchie for over a decade. I’ve lost count of the amount of time I’ve spent blogging, reading and contributing to the forums and generally procrastinating.

I’m not sure that my recent running justifies a detailed 12-month analysis – I ran a lot, got injured and then stopped running – but other runners may find it useful. If you haven’t done so already, definitely checkout Fetcheveryone.

Cumulative Juneathon Distance: 11.3 km

Juneathon Day 10: the one with a new job and commute

I hope that everyone had a good Monday. It’s now Monday evening and after a day of firsts I’m feeling quite tired. As always, apologies for any random typos, I’ve read through enough emails and reports today. So, what did I get up to during Day 10 of Juneathon?

I’m not sure if it was the stress of having to get up early, fear of oversleeping or concerns about starting a new job. Perhaps it was a combination of all three, I didn’t sleep very well and woke up feeling quite groggy. My Monday morning commute was stress free; the sun was shining and the trains were running on time. After one day of busy trains, I know that I’m going to do my best to get into the office early so that I can leave early. I might try out the 07:02 train tomorrow; hopefully it won’t be as busy as the 07:22 was this morning. Anyway, that’s more than enough moaning about trains. I’m sure that once I get used to commuting across Birmingham I’ll be fine.

I felt more than a little apprehensive as I approached my new office. What would the people be like? Would I fit in? Would my laptop arrive? Would I have anything to do on my first day? It’s early days but everyone I met was really friendly, I’m sure I’ll fit in, my laptop arrived and seems to work, and I had more than enough work to keep me occupied.

I left the office just after 16:00 and thanks to a slightly delayed train, got back home approximately 1.5 hours later. I need to remember to check the trains are running on time before I leave the office. I dumped my rucksack, grabbed a pile of FleaBay parcels and headed straight to the local Post Office. Fortunately, it was quiet and 20 minutes later I was back at home catching up on Casualty. It’s just a bit unfortunate that I completely forgot to eat!

I’m hoping that I don’t feel the need to go to bed before 21:00 every weekday evening.

Random photos from Day 10

I didn’t get many opportunities to take photos; I took one outside Birmingham New Street – the weather was gorgeous in the morning.Sunnyish BrumGrumpy and soggy EmmaAnd then it started to rain and lunchtime and didn’t really stop all afternoon/evening. The wet and windy walk to the Post Office did a great job of waking me up.

Best thing spotted on the Internet on Day 10

On what was a challenging day; Anna’s tweets and updates made me smile.

For more information about Anna’s Barefoot Britain challenge check out this site. My fragile feet hurt just thinking about it.

Cumulative Juneathon Distance: 11.3 km

How long does your daily commute into work take? Please make me feel a bit better about swapping a 20 minute walk for a 1.5 hour commute involving two trains.

Have you ever considered attempting a really random running challenge? People who quit work to complete running challenges are a lot braver than I am. I’d be worried about missed NI contributions, pension implications etc #oldfart

Juneathon Day 9: the one with an early morning run and trip down memory lane

I’m writing this on Sunday evening wondering what happened to the weekend. Not having to travel down to Wallingford on a Sunday feels a little strange; I’m sure I’ll get quickly used to having an extra five hours each Sunday.

When my alarm woke me at 05:30 I wondered what on earth was happening. I didn’t want to drag myself out of bed. Whatever happened to the keen runner who used to love running early in the morning? It took me forever to get out of bed. I’d love to say that I enjoyed my morning run, but I’m so unfit at the moment I found it challenging and not very enjoyable. I’m looking forward to getting past the ‘the struggle is real’ stage.

Getting out of bed a second time at 08:30 – I’m not ashamed to admit that I headed back to bed after my run – was a tad challenging. I need to remember to stretch after I run; now that I’m 40 it takes me longer to recover! After a morning of extreme procrastinating, I got my arse into gear and headed into Sutton Coldfield to buy a few bits and pieces. I popped into M&S and spent a little bit too much time catching up with some of the people I worked with when I was a Christmas temp.

I headed out of M&S and realised that there was a Food Festival taking place. I decided to support a couple of the stands and headed back home with a selection of slightly unusual flavoured scotch eggs.

The rest of Day 9 of Juneathon was a mishmash of sports. One minute I was watching coverage of the Triathlon World Series, the next I was watching coverage of England Women v West Indies Women. Now that I’m back at home I’m going to have to ration my TV viewing. Watching other people running isn’t going to help me shift my belly.

Random photos from Day 9

I decided to take some photos while I was shopping in the Royal (?) Town of Sutton Coldfield. 

Sadly, my home town will always be remembered because of the Sutton Coldfield rail crash in 1955.

Best thing spotted on the Internet on Day 9

Although I have no intention of ever entering a triathlon myself, I do enjoy watching elite triathletes. I genuinely have no idea how people can be amazing at swimming, cycling and running.

Watching Georgia Taylor-Brown win her first World Triathlon Series title was amazing. I love the idea of running in a panic. Perhaps I need to imagine I’m being chased by a load of nasty people, it may make me run faster.

Cumulative Juneathon Distance: 11.3 km

Did you take part in parkrun or any races this weekend? I’m looking forward to completing my first organised event this year. The Sutton Coldfield Race for Life takes place in a couple of week’s time and I’ve been invited to join the team from M&S.

Have you ever considered entering a triathlon? I have a feeling that I’m in the minority when I say I have zero intention of ever entering one.

Juneathon Day 8: the one with torrential rain, a spot of cricket and trip to Lichfield

The rain was so heavy during the morning; I decided not to drive down to Wallingford to collect the rest of my clutter belongings. I have everything I need for the week ahead and just hope that my missing expenses envelope is in Wallingford, I have a horrible feeling I may have shredded it on Friday evening.

I received an email from DNAfit offering 35% off all of their DNAfIt kits. Something to do with it being the Queen’s 93rd birthday, a rather random excuse for a discount code. I’d been thinking about buying one for a while so after about five minutes of weighing up the pros and cons decided to treat myself as a ‘reward’ for my promotion. I now need to stop buying myself treats; I’ve already gone over my June budget. Hopefully some of my 40 listings on FleaBay will actually sell this evening.

As the weather was so miserable I decided to watch the England v Bangladesh in the Cricket World Cup. I managed to respond to quite a few emails while watching England bat but still felt like I was wasting part of the weekend.

The rest of the day was quite mundane so I won’t bore you all any further.  In the evening I popped into Lichfield to meet a friend – at one stage a group of slightly inebriated women on a Hen Party asked us to join them – we politely declined. After escaping Lichfield I headed back home via the Crown Pub. I only realised it was World Gin Day after I’d ordered my slightly old school Malibu and coke.

Random photos from Day 8

These are even more random than usual. I took a photo of the Tudor of Lichfield as I was sure that I could see a spooky looking object in the top left window.

My friend thought it was hilarious but I reckon the building is so old it must be haunted.

Best thing spotted on the Internet on Day 8

I hope that the warmer weather does make another appearance this month. It was pretty cold and wet in Four Oaks on Saturday.

Cumulative Juneathon Distance: 5 km

Have you ever visited Lichfield? If you haven’t and you ever happen to find yourself in the area definitely visit, it’s a million times nicer than Sutton Coldfield.

Did you celebrate World Gin Day? Do you even like gin? I wouldn’t place gin in my Top 5 of drinks.  

Juneathon Day 7: the one with the rain and the final farewell

I’ve been reunited with my computer and have had an emotional day so this Juneathon post may well be slightly waffly. I’m also feeling quite tired so sorry for any typos.

So, what were the highlights of Day 7 of Juneathon and my final day working in Wallingford? Rather predictably, I felt a little fragile when I woke up. Mixing two pints of beer and red wine wasn’t sensible. I couldn’t face packing up the remainder of my belongings so will have to do that when I head back down to Wallingford either this weekend or next weekend.

The walk into the office was a tad on the soggy side, this was probably a good thing as if it had been sunny I’d probably still be taking photos now. Sitting in an office for what may well be the last time felt a little surreal. I’ve so many memories of my almost 18 months in Wallingford, some good and some bad. The morning flew by and following my exit interview – there were a few tears – a group of us headed to the canteen for what I hope won’t be my last ‘fish and chips’ Friday.

I said my goodbyes, was on the receiving end of a few hugs, returned my access pass, and just about managed to hold back the tears while I waited for the bus. Once I was on the bus, I made the error of reading through the comments in my card. One person wrote ”Congrats Emma – only seems like 5 mins since you started!” the joys of fixed-term contracts.

Following a slightly stressful train journey which involved quite a few delays and cancellations at Birmingham New Street, I got back to Four Oaks and made a start on with my usual Friday evening chores. Who knows, tomorrow I may actually be sober enough to run.

Random photos from Day 7

I think it was a case of rain stopped play. As a hydrologist I shouldn’t complain, the Thames catchment needs the rain. I sheltered underneath a tree and tried and failed to capture the torrential rain.

Now that I’ve left Wallingford I’ll have to find something else to take photos of. I can guarantee there won’t be loads of food and drink related photos. My belly and bank balance need a break.

Best thing spotted on the Internet on Day 7

I love stats so found this article interesting. Apparently, as more women signed up for marathons, the average female marathon time got slower between 1986 and 2001. However, after 2001 females appear to have got faster, declining on average by four minutes. My efforts have all been well below average!

Cumulative Juneathon Distance: 5 km

It’s now Saturday morning and I can’t think of anything else to write. Have a great day and I hope the weather is better wherever you are.

Juneathon Day 6: the one with some goodbyes and a karaoke

I’m still locked out of my laptop so this will be another short post. I’m also rapidly running out of time and haven’t even started to pack up my belongings. Day 6 of Juneathon was a roller coaster of emotions; I’ve never been very good at saying goodbye to people. I’m not looking forward to leaving Wallingford for good tomorrow.

Day 6 of Juneathon got off to a great start, I just about managed to squeeze in a full English breakfast. If they handed out gold medals for eating I’d be near the top of the list. I’m npt looking forward to stepping on the scales when I get home on Friday.

My penultimate day in the office felt a little strange. I managed to complete a couple of slightly overdue pieces of work and kept myself busy. I remembered to print out some bits and pieces to read on Monday when I’ll be waiting for my new work laptop to arrive.

After work I popped into to the Old Post Office for a couple of pints with a colleague and then headed back to my lodgings. After a quick sit down, I found myself heading next door for some wine, nibbles and impromptu karaoke. I’d like to say that our karaoke singing was amazing but I have a feeling that we irritated quite a few people.

Random photos from Day 6

Regular readers of my Juneathon waffle will notice that my ‘random’ photos have a bit of a theme…food and Howbery Park. I haven’t included photos of my colleagues as I wouldn’t want to appear in my blog without permission 🙂

Best thing spotted on the Internet on Day 6

Another random tweet and I’m aware that quite a few people don’t agree with women’s only races. I think they are great as they get women running and racing.

Cumulative Juneathon distance: 5km 😦

Do you have a favourite karaoke song? I’m not sure that my attempts at This Used to be my Playground were very successful. Sorry Madonna.

Juneathon Day 5: the one I manage to lock myself out of my laptop

I’m a complete muppet. I’ve somehow managed to lock myself out of my laptop. This doesn’t bode well for Monday when I start a new job and will have to get to grips with a work laptop. I can’t reset my password until I get back to Four Oaks, so I’m trying to blog on my iPhone. It isn’t easy.

In other news… I actually pulled on my trainers and ran. It wasn’t fast, it wasn’t pretty but I ran.

I also had a slightly emotional leaving lunch at Home Sweet Home in Roke, attended my final Beer and Bants, and said TTFN to the Boathouse Pub. It’s a shame there was what I would describe as a slightly sexist man in the bar. In the end he was evicted by the police.

Random photos from Day 5 

Best thing spotted on the Internet on Day 5

If you don’t already, follow Russell’s running blog. It’s incredibly interesting seeing what it’s like being a runner at the front rather than the back of races.

Cumulative Juneathon Distance: 5km

Are you good or bad with technology? After working with some real Excel gurus, I’ve concluded that I’m a bit of a technophobe.

Do you ever blog on your phone rather than on a computer? I dread to think how many typos there are as I was struggling to type on my iPhone.