A weekend of running awaits

So I never did make it to running club this week due to a combination of my lift forgetting to collect me and dodgy guts yesterday. There is always next week! I am hopeless!

Tomorrow morning I am hopefully making my parkrun debut at Walsall Arboretum. If all goes well I’ll run a sub 30 minute time and will be back on here writing a race report by mid-morning. The remainder of Saturday will then be a combination of house work and gathering my running gear together for the Bupa London 10,000 on Monday. I must remember my running number, trainers, and hotel confirmation/train tickets the rest isn’t that important.

Oh yes, the Bupa London 10,000. Although I am 99.9% sure that I put down 55 minutes as my predicted time I have been allocated a place in the first starting wave i.e. with the faster sub-50 minute runners! How bloody embarrassing. I will be relegating myself back a couple of starts!

I think my overall aim for the race is to get a sub 60 minute time.

Last year I ran my slowest ever 10k time in the same event. I have no idea what the weather will be like, however, at the moment the forecast for Monday seems to be getting hotter and hotter. Please don’t let it be as hot as it was last year or else it will be a matter of surviving rather than getting a decent time.

I’m not convinced about the weather, I suspect that it will be warm on Monday…

My number for the Great Midlands Fun Run also arrived during the week. This year I am number 80 so I was clearly feeling quite keen when I entered but not quite as keen as when I was number 20 something last year.

I’m looking forward to my annual pilgrimage around the streets of Sutton Coldfield.

I had a review meeting in the week and once I got my ecological drought chapter completed it will be time to structure the two Trent flow assessment chapters. At the moment we have decided that the ecological drought work and new approaches to setting environmental flows assessments will go together. The most recent Trent chapter is by all accounts far too long and needs cutting down/restructuring.

I can’t wait for Beijing in August although I’m not sure where I am going to run while I’m there for the week.

Finally, here is a cheesy inspirational running picture:


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