Bupa London 10,000

Race Report: Bupa London 10,000

On Monday I completed my 4th Bupa London 10,000.

I was aiming for a sub-60km but I ended up completing the event in 1 hour and 41 seconds. I could make a load of excuses but there aren’t any. I walked when I didn’t really *need* to i.e. my laziness as a runner continues. At least I wasn’t as slow as I was last year and at least there aren’t any photos of me running so I can save some £££

My results:

And a detailed graphical summary of the race which illustrates just how rubbish I was this time. How many people was I overtaken by? To coin a phrase from The Apprentice, it was “shameful”!

The beetroot runner…

I took a lovely photo of myself straight after the run looking like a beetroot. I think the photo shows how sunny it was.

Hopefully I’ll be running in the Walsall Arboretum parkrun again in the morning. One day I want to earn my 50 parkrun t-shirt.

On Sunday it’s my favourite event of the year; the Great Midlands Fun Run and the weather is predicted to be perfect for the spectators i.e. far too hot for the runners.

Watch this space for more beetroot photos!


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