Running makes the world a better place

Yesterday after a really stressful day of number crunching, journal article reading and tennis club related ‘issues’ I knew that I needed to go for a run.

I also knew that wearing the insert the podiatrist had prescribed in my right shoe, had made my right even foot more painful than it had been before. I’m starting to think that the whole bio mechanical assessment was a waste of £125.

I guess that I need to be more patient and continue with the heel insert. I was feeling slightly irritated by the fact that the podiatrist hadn’t bothered to ‘phone me back yesterday.

This morning our conversation lasted less than 2 minutes. I need to start to wear the insert for longer periods of time. I was be contacted again in 4 weeks. That’s right, I have 4 more weeks of trying to walk feeling like a lop-sided clown.


Back to last night:

I made it to my running club for the first time in years. I went on a slow and steady run around Sutton Park with one of the coaches. This suited me as (a) it allowed me to test out my right foot and (b) it was really humid last night, and I was scared that I would expire.

This is where we went:

So, not the longest/fastest run in the world but after yesterday I didn’t care. I just wanted to be outside running.
Hopefully tomorrow morning I will make it to the Walsall parkrun to volunteer (more on this tomorrow) and I will be able to take part in the Shenstone Fun Run on Sunday.
Enjoy your Friday evening.

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