Throwback Thursday

I was going to write a seriously ranty blog post about my physio (?) but I’ve decided to save my ranting for another day.

I’ve just twigged that it’s Thursday which means that I have an excuse to post some old running photos. These are all photos from my 2004 and onwards second running career.

I’ve learnt that I’m a miserable cow when I’m running, and I’m so unphotogenic I can see why brands won’t touch me with a bargepole. I’ve also realised that the majority of running/fitness bloggers only post flattering photos/selfies of themselves. Please remember to keep it real, as a real runner you don’t always have to look perfect! In 2015, however, I will try to smile occasionally.

Flora Light Challenge 2004 – Chundergate  

I hadn’t realised that my second running career has lasted for 10 years. After 10 years of running I should be churning out GFA times! Anyway, I’ll rewind the clock back. I have no idea what made me enter the Flora Light Challenge event in 2004. I was unfit, I hadn’t run for years and I clearly wasn’t prepared. It took me more than 45 minutes to complete 5k.


It doesn’t take a genius to work out what happened next. I chundered as I crossed the finish line, luckily Broad Street in Birmingham is used to people chundering all over the place.

**Running lesson # 1: too much lucozade sport and heat makes me chunder.**

Fradley 10k 2005 – Skinny Doesn’t Mean Strong

I spent the start of 2005 travelling around New Zealand and for some reason I lost a hell of a lot of weight while I was there. I arrived home on the Saturday morning and attempted to complete a 10k event on the Sunday morning. 22221I was shattered, had bugger all energy and hated every minute of the race. I look far too thin in this photo and never want to look like this again!

**Running lesson # 2: it’s hard running with jet lag and skinny doesn’t mean strong!**

Hydro Active Women’s Challenge 2005 – Pre-race prep matters

I quite like this photo although I was still, in my opinion, far too thin. I ran a 5k P.B. and had and my first/only experience of running in a lead pack behind a bloke on a motorbike. It was probably the best race I have completed, however, I almost missed the start due to navigational issues.Hydroactive Challenge Finish 2005**Running lesson # 3: I almost didn’t make it to the event on time, always double check where and when races start.**

Lung Run 2006 – Be Happy!

A week after the London Marathon (I love how I am showing off my London Marathon shorts in this photo) and back to my ideal running weight. Lung Run 2006However, I look really fucking miserable in this photo and have no idea why.

**Running lesson # 4: Running is meant to be fun. When it stops being fun then perhaps it’s time to have a break?**

Wyre Forest 8 2006 – All the Gear and No Idea!

I’m smiling (?) again! The Wyre Forest 8 was an amazing local race (I’m not sure it still takes place). I’d describe the race as eight miles of hilly and muddy cross-country ‘fun’. I nearly came last but I didn’t give a shit, I just wanted to finish with a smile on my face. Wyre Forest 8 2006I’d made the fatal error of wearing brand new trail shoes, my heels were shredded to pieces and took bloody ages to heal (excuse the rubbish pun). I never wore those trail shoes again.

**Running lesson # 5: try not to test out brand new gear in a race!**

My old running photos have given my partner a good laugh (I’ll have to dig out his running photos). I’ve shared my Broad Street chundering experience, and in my next blog I’ve decided to share my most embarrassing running experiences. There will be a combination of blood, shit, puke and deep heat related disasters.


2 thoughts on “Throwback Thursday

  1. Tiny runner says:

    I loved this post!! My favourite photo is the first one. I don’t think I’ve ever heard the word ‘chunder’ before but I like it. Very much looking forward to reading some embarrassing stories 🙂


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