More About Me

Thanks to my friend Kate for tagging me a “More About Me” type questionnaire. I’ve seen a few similar blogs recently, and as I don’t want to be accused of plagiarism, I’ve added some of my own questions. I’m not entirely convinced that I should be sharing some of these answers but here goes.DSC07982

Four names that people call me, other than my real name:

  • The Professor
  • Einstein
  • Crazy Legs
  • Lanky Legs

 Four jobs I have had (not counting any current jobs): 

  • Hydrologist
  • Customer Assistant at M&S (I loved this job!)
  • Waitress
  • Saturday girl at my local stables

Four random facts about me:

  • I can burp on command
  • I don’t have a Brummie accent
  • I used to suck my thumb (I had to wear fixed braces when I was 14 & 25)
  • My hair started to go grey when I was 14

Four of my favourite quotes/sayings:

  • Don’t judge a man until you’ve walked a mile in his shoes
  • A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step
  • Even with the best of maps and instruments, we can never fully chart our journeys
  • Run when you can, walk if you have to, crawl if you must; just never give up

Four movies I’ve watched more than once:

  • Home Alone
  • Speed (due to my massive Keanu Reeves crush)
  • Human Traffic
  • The Sound of Music (not really a movie but I was addicted to the Sound of Music)

Four books I’d recommend:

  • Running with the Kenyans – Adharanand Finn
  • Hurry up and Wait – Isabel Ashdown
  • To Miss with Love – Katharine Birbalsingh
  • City of Sin – Catherine Arnold

Four musical instruments I can play:

  • Recorder (I think everyone learnt how to play the recorder at Primary School)
  • Oboe
  • Cor Anglais (not very well)
  • Violin

Four musical instruments that I wish I could play:

  • Cello
  • Organ
  • Piano
  • Viola

Four places I have lived:

  • Four Oaks, Sutton Coldfield
  • Marylebone, London
  • Headingly, Leeds
  • Lower Wick, Worcester

Four places I have been:

  • New Zealand
  • Tunisia
  • China
  • Singapore

Four places I want to visit:

  • Iceland
  • Chicago
  • Japan
  • Norway

Four places I’d rather be:

  • New Zealand
  • London
  • Australia
  • New York

Four things I don’t eat:

  • Nuts
  • Leeks
  • Liquorice
  • Nandos

Four of my favourite foods:

  • Chocolate profiteroles
  • Strawberries
  • Bacon
  • Smoked salmon

Four TV shows that I watch:

  • The Apprentice
  • Holby City
  • Casualty
  • Top Gear

My four greatest/proudest achievements to date:

  • Completing my BSc & MSc degrees
  • Learning to drive & passing my driving test the first time
  • Bungy jumping off the Kawarau Bridge in New Zealand (I am not great with heights)
  • Having the bottle to present my research at a major International conference

Four things I am looking forward to in 2015:

  • Defending my PhD thesis
  • Starting a new career (hopefully)
  • Moving away from Four Oaks (definitely)
  • Going on holiday for the first time since 2009 (university conferences don’t count)

Four things I’m always saying:

  • See you later (I think this is a Brummie saying)
  • Is it time for lunch/dinner yet?
  • Don’t be a muppet
  • Shut up

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