The not so impressive buys

Last week I shared my top ten running related purchases & competition wins of 2014. Unfortunately, I have also made a number of not quite so impressive running related purchases. I tend to buy the vast majority of my running gear online. Online shopping is awesome for finding discounts & bargains, but not so awesome for trying (on) before buying.

**Disclaimer… Running brands I apologise in advance if you discover one of your products featured in this blog. Luckily very few people read my waffle so I suspect that your brand image will remain intact**

Race entries

What do the London Marathon, Bupa London 10,000, National Lottery Newham London Anniversary Run, Bud’s Run, Nike We Own the Night, Fradley 10K, Ashby 20, Silverstone Half Marathon, Lichfield 10K & the Seven Pools Run have in common?

They are all races I entered & subsequently did not run due to injury. I am actually afraid to work out how much money I wasted on race entry fees during 2014.

So race organisers please feel free to send me a blogger/PR entry into your 2015 event :o)

Physio sessions

I shared my physio related dramas in a recent post so won’t be repeating my complaints here. I spent £200 on physio sessions & genuinely have no idea what I got in return for my money. As far as I am concerned I wasted £200.

I must not think too much about what I could have bought for £200 (knowing me probably more race entries).

Kit that doesn’t fit

At the start of the year I bought some long running tights from H&M. The “long” tights were far too short and were donated to a slightly shorter friend. Unless I shrink, I need to avoid H&M running tights/bottoms. After reading some really positive reviews, I bought a pair of Tribesports women’s performance 2-in-1 shorts. One of the main features of the shorts is the “Built-in fitted under short for additional coverage & support.” Unfortunately, the under shorts were far too loose & caused a major chaffing incident. Perhaps I am a strange shape & have thighs that are not in proportion with my waist? I will avoid 2-in-1 shorts in future.

When I spotted a pair of Nike twisted tempo running shorts on sale for £11, I decided to risk not being 100 per cent confident about my size and hit order. The shorts arrived & although they were shorter than I was used to wearing, they were a perfect fit. Unfortunately, when I ordered the shorts I had failed to notice that the back of the shorts is bright orange. The shorts ensure that my arse is visible for miles, & that when I run across the railway tracks in Sutton Park I can pretend I work for Network Rail.

tempo shortsMy final dodgy kit purchase of 2014 was a pair of More Mile compression socks from TK Maxx. The socks only cost 99p so I should not complain about the socks falling down as soon as I started to run. So much for compression! Luckily I managed to make a small profit by selling the other pair on eBay. Clearly someone out there rates More Mile compression socks.

Injury treatment

Back in April when I was struggling with a foot injury (again) I read a review post recommending the use of Physicool products. I had not heard of Physicool so I researched the brand and purchased a Physicool Size A bandage.

physicoolFast forward a few days and I’m watching the London Marathon with the bandage wrapped around my foot. The cooling effect probably lasted less than thirty minutes, & definitely did not last after I had removed the bandage. I was disappointed with the product, & returned to my bag of frozen peas. A number of bloggers have been sent Physicool products to test and review, & have written positive reviews so perhaps I completely misunderstood the product!

Running Magazines

When I first started running (again) ten years(ish) ago I subscribed to three running magazines. I loved (and still love) reading Athletics Weekly, but cancelled my subscriptions to Runner’s World & Running Fitness magazines when I realised that the content of both magazines was repeated on a yearly cycle. I also disliked the obsession with the London Marathon, the use of airbrushed models on the front covers, & the large number of adverts. Luckily Athletics Weekly always features real athletes :o)

In 2014 there are so many running/health/fitness/diet related magazines on sale I wonder how they all manage to survive. UntitledDuring the numerous train delays I have experienced during 2014 I have bought a running magazine. I have discovered that running magazines are now even less about running than they were ten years ago & more about obtaining a six-pack, overpriced “must buy” gadgets, overpriced races, cooking with Chia Seeds, etc etc.

However did we manage to survive as runners without guides telling us what to wear, what to buy, what to eat & what to drink? Oh I know, a combination of speaking to more experienced runners & common sense!

In 2015…

I will not be entering any overpriced races & I will not be buying running gear without trying it on first. I will make sure that I am not so easily influenced by overly positive product reviews, & I will not waste my money on glossy running magazines. I will, however, be subscribing to Like the Wind magazine.


2 thoughts on “The not so impressive buys

  1. Scallywag (@ScallywagSprint) says:

    Weird how different people are- I really love twisted tempo shorts. H&M tights are actually v short on me too though, so short I was curious if they were meant to be capris… And Im not THAT tall.

    Physios are stressful because they are so hit and miss- some 100% worth it, some ballz. No good way to spot which is which!


    • phdrunner says:

      I love twisted tempo shorts, I just don’t love having a bright orange arse!

      The H&M tights were advertised as extra long but looked like capris when I put them on. I almost wish that I’d taken a photo of the tights for the blog :o)

      With the benefit of hindsight the physio was rubbish. He used to treat (?) two patients at a time and I would be left hooked up to various gizmos while he treated his other patient. My final session started 5 minutes late and ended 10 minutes early.

      I’ll be getting some physio recommendations from peeps at my running club in the New Year!


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