Chucking It

Last December I was full of positivity and optimism & shared my running goals for 2015 here.

Although I’ve been working towards achieving my running goals, the first few weeks of 2015 demonstrated that I should perhaps have set out some life goals as well. Although I’m unable to share all of the details on here, it’s safe to say that the start of 2015 has been crap. At least my ex waited until I had submitted my PhD thesis before ending our relationship, I will always be grateful to him for delaying the inevitable.

So although the start of 2015 has been rubbish it’s time to …1341183401805_8811019


It’s time for me to put recent events behind me, for me to enjoy the present and to look forward to the future. Although I’m not very happy at the moment, I’m 100 per cent certain that the feelings of gloominess and negativity will soon pass. I have some amazing events with some amazing people to look forward to in 2015. I just need to pass my Viva next month & then operation get 2015 back on track will commence.

On Monday I start my Lichfield half marathon training. After being unsuccessful in the public ballot for Royal Parks half marathon for a 3rd time, Lichfield is now my target half marathon for 2015. I’ve accepted that when it comes to running I’m a beginner & will, therefore, be following this half marathon programme:Bupa


My foot appears to have recovered *touches wood*, I’m feeling relatively healthy at the moment *touches more wood* & I’m really looking forward to pounding the pavements of Four Oaks. My geeky Excel training spreadsheet has been prepared & printed & I’ve entered several local races to support my training.


*Hopefully! 😛


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