January review

This year I’ve decided to produce a short summary of my training at the end of each month. I want to look at the positives and negatives of my training.

What worked well? What were my running related achievements? What would I do differently given the opportunity? I’ll then draw a line under each month and look ahead to the next month.

Winter miles, summer smiles

In January my fragile right knee allowed me to run just over 45 miles. I completed 15 runs and spent over 7 hours running around the streets of Four Oaks, on the trails of Sutton Park, around Walsall Arboretum and in the centre of Birmingham. I’ve created a summary of my training routes using the awesome Sisu website.

January 2016

The highlight of January was achieving a sub-30 minute 5k at Walsall Arboretum. Another highlight was rediscovering my love of running up hills. There weren’t really any low points, but I learnt that flying wheelie bins do really hurt. My right knee has just about recovered.

Although my runs were generally very positive, I need to remember to vary the surfaces I run on. Pavements are not my friend. Strength and conditioning is boring but essential! Warming-up before each run and cooling down after each run is important!

Get the basics right!

Running costs

Although I didn’t buy any new running gear, January was still an expensive month. I paid my Running Club membership fees for the 2016/17 season (total cost £64) and entered four local races (total cost £57). Luckily February won’t be so expensive.

Looking forward to February

The first week of February will see me complete the Couch to 5K plan for the third time. I’m looking forward to running some longer distances. I’m looking forward to exploring some new (to me) running routes.

As my Transcends have now supported my weight for more than 500 miles, I’m looking forward to running in the Adrenaline GTS 16 trainers that Brooks kindly sent me. February will also see me attend a Leadership in Running Fitness course at Birmingham University. I can’t wait! Although I don’t have any races planned for February, I’m hoping to complete at least two parkruns.

Bring it on!


8 thoughts on “January review

    • Emma says:

      I hadn’t noticed the dog on a lead until I read your comment. I’m now trying to create pretty pictures when I run. My routes need to be more varied. My knee is okay, I’d say 4/10 on the niggleometer. It’s still bruised from the wheelie bin incident last week which doesn’t help!


    • Emma says:

      They are great aren’t they! I’m finding myself trying to plan slightly more interesting routes as I want to produce pretty pictures. I’m definitely going to buy a print of all my running routes later this year.


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