So that was Easter

My Easter weekend was more or less perfect.

I drank lots of wine and ate far too much unhealthy food. I refused to let certain individuals on social media make me feel guilty for eating a Creme Egg. Everything in moderation! I spent time with my family, went on a couple of long walks, tackled the housework and gardening and for once chilled out.

Sutton Park 2Another Easter walk in Sutton Park.

Although the weather was perfect during most of the long weekend, I didn’t complete the 20-mile run that was scheduled for the weekend. I have a confession. I haven’t been for a run since I completed the 7 Pools Run last Sunday. The run on the trails of Sutton Park appears to have injured my fragile right knee. I have no idea what I’ve done but my knee is painful.

Since Tuesday (I waited to see if I had a minor niggle or an actual  injury) I’ve been icing my knee twice a day, taking anti-inflammatory tablets and applying anti-inflammatory gel at night. I’ve been taking a turmeric supplement (yes I am getting that desperate) and have taped up my knee using kinesiology tape.

new-york-city-marathon-running-sports-ecards-someecardsUnfortunately, this accurately describes some of my family and friends! Source

On Saturday morning my Marathon News magazine and registration form for the London Marathon arrived. Typical! My running number is 56459. I’ve never started from the red start before. On Saturday afternoon I wrote a feature on my marathon fundraising for the local newspaper. On Sunday evening I charged my Garmin 220. I’m clearly in denial about my knee injury at the moment. I keep thinking that I’ll get out of bed one morning and my knee injury will have disappeared.

Unfortunately, most of my family and friends are also in denial. Training for a marathon and dealing with an injury is turning out to be difficult without a support network.

Whatever happens I will make it to the start of the marathon on April 24th.

Did you have a good Easter weekend?

Are your family and friends supportive of your running?


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