June review

So much for flaming June! Will the weather improve now that it’s July? I really do hope so. Although I do love running in the rain, drying the one pair of trainers I own that don’t cause niggles does get tedious. Anyway, enough complaining. Since the start of the year I’ve been producing monthly summaries of my training. I’ve also shared some of my personal experiences as a small and not very influential (Anonymous PR, 2016) running blogger.

What worked well? What – if there were any – were my running related achievements? What would I do differently given the opportunity? I then look ahead to the new month.

A fun run, a DNS and a DNF

At the start of June I got to pretend I was an elite runner in the Great Midlands Fun Run. I had a great race and improved my 2015 time by almost 30 minutes. Unfortunately, I didn’t make it to the start line of the Aldridge 10k. My friend got drunk the night before the race and forgot that he’d promised to drive me to the race. By the time I managed to contact my friend it was too late to make alternative travel arrangements. I was slightly irritated by my ‘Did not start’ (DNS) because for once the weather and the course were both perfect.

On Saturday evening it was my turn to have far too much to drink. Although I made it to the start of the Race for Life in 10k on Sunday morning, I didn’t make it to the finish and recorded my first ever ‘Did not finish’ (DNF). I only managed to run for 10 minutes before I had to stop. It wasn’t pretty and made me question my commitment to running. I quickly reminded myself that I’m not a professional runner and that the occasional drinking session isn’t going to slow my running down.


According to my Strava statistics #StravaWanker, I completed 12 runs in June covering an approximate distance of 57 kilometres. Hopefully by consistently running 3-4 times a week I’ve built a good base for the start of my autumn half marathon training.

Running costs

If I ignore the money I wasted on my DNS and DNF, June was a cheap month. As I’m still aiming for a sub-60 minute 10k I entered the Lichfield 10k (£17) which takes place in September. I travel by train to get to Lichfield so I don’t have to rely on unreliable people.

Blogging experiences

After a rubbish May, June was far more positive. I’ve finally learnt to ration my time on social media. I’ve also stopped comparing myself to the majority of the London-based blogging community. Although I spend 50 per cent of my time in London, I must be the only running blogger not taking part in the upcoming Vitality British 10k London Run. It would have been a great sub-60 minute 10k opportunity.

When I started blogging I made a promise to myself to ‘keep it real’. Like 99 per cent of runners I don’t look very photogenic when I’m running. If by sharing my sweaty, beetroot-faced running photos I’ve ‘ruined my online image’ (Anonymous PR, 2016) and attracted the occasional online troll then so be it.IMG_2271A rather unflattering pre-Great Midlands Fun Run train selfie.

Looking forward to July

I’m really looking forward to making progress with my half marathon training during July. I’ve decided to write weekly training updates, the first enthralling instalment in the 16-week series will be published on Monday. Although I now don’t have any races until September, I’d love to make it to my local parkrun…

The first four weeks of my half marathon training plan don’t look too challenging so I want to continue to combine running 3-4 times a week with cross training. I’m determined to turn my occasional half-hearted attempts at yoga into a regular yoga habit. Finally, I want to continue to improve my diet and eating habits. During June i gradually reduced my Diet Coke intake, this month I want to purchase my last ever can.

Here’s to a more summery July!

Do you think that I should continue to share my unflattering running photos?

Have you ever been on the receiving end of negative comments about how you look? If so how did you deal with the comments?


7 thoughts on “June review

  1. Helen says:

    I wish I’d read this before writing my post, seems we’ve both been on the receiving end of comments.

    You’re awesome and fantastic, just keep being you. And I like your photos. x


    • Emma says:

      My blog has finally let me access my comments! Thanks Helen! Although the comment was uncalled for, what annoyed me more was the lack of action by Instagram. My eight grade American keyboard warrior is still hiding behind his private account.

      I’m sorry to read you’ve also been on the receiving end of internet trolls. My theory is that these trolls are sad individuals who have no life. I suspect your troll was just jealous of you.

      Keep sharing your videos, photos and running experiences. Congratulations for being selected to feature in such a major campaign xx


  2. Maria @ runningcupcake says:

    Hang on, has someone actually told you that you are small and not influential? If so, how rude! And also, some people like to blog for fun and not for freebies! I also am not doing the London 10k, and as I love in Herts I could get in by train in the morning, but I am not- so there is another running blogger not doing it! 🙂
    I post pictures of me sometimes, as once someone commented that they didn’t know what I looked like, although it has been weird on the two occasions where someone has recognised me at a race!
    I love reading the normal running blogs of people who run for fun, and fit it around life, much more than full time bloggers or professionals, because I am never going to be elite and most people aren’t. So yes, keep posting !


    • Emma says:

      Yes, by a PR representing a quite well known manufacturer of running and workout clothes. I was informed that the quality of writing was less important than the number of followers a blogger has on social media. I was then told that my blog is small and not influential. I won’t be buying from that brand again, a shame when I walk past one of their boutiques whenever I’m down in London!

      I think I’ve managed to track down a few running bloggers who aren’t taking part in the London 10k. There are going to be dozens of very similar race reports…

      Someone recognised me recently at a tiny local race. Sometimes it’s easy to forget that people actually do remember who they engage with on social media and online!

      Like you I love reading ‘normal’ running blogs. I love following the progress people make from being a non-runner to a half marathon/marathon runner. I also prefer bloggers who write about their injuries and when races don’t go to plan. I think it’s really important to share the not so positive aspects of being a runner, that’s why I’m more than willing to share my sweaty, beetroot-faced running photos.


  3. Laura says:

    Wow, how rude of that PR person!
    I’ve not had any comments yet in the short time I’ve been blogging, so I don’t know quite how I’d deal with them. Badly, probably! Still, I don’t understand how people manage to look good in their workout/running/race photos when I and the people I see out and about definitely do not look photogenic.

    Good luck with the training this month! I’d love to read a parkrun post if you do make it there. I love parkrun and I can’t get enough of hearing about different locations!


    • Emma says:

      I think I’m slightly too honest in my blog and on social media for some PR people! I just tend to avoid buying from that brand again, there are plenty of other running brands so avoiding one is easy. I’ve come to the conclusion that a lot of workout/running photos are staged or are the best of dozens of photos. Less race photos are shared on blogs because they tend to provide a more honest and realistic representation of running. I’ll hopefully be parkrunning soon…


      • Laura says:

        I’m sure they must be. It can’t be possible to look like that all the time. I love race photos…as long as they’re not of me! People don’t look as bad as they think, but still not poised or particularly photogenic in the majority!


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