August review

I can’t believe that it’s September already! For some reason I always associate September with new beginnings and the end of summer. I guess it’s because the school and academic year started in September. Anyway, I’m waffling. As you know since the beginning of the year I’ve been producing monthly summaries of my training. I’ve also shared some of my experiences as a not very influential Birmingham-based running blogger.

What worked well? What – if there were any – were my running related achievements? What would I do differently given the opportunity? I then like to look ahead to the new month.

Increasing my mileage

When I started my half marathon training I was determined to leave my run-walk-run addiction behind me. On Sunday I ran continuously for over an hour. The only time I stopped running was to have a drink. By not overestimating my fitness levels and by selecting a 16-week beginner’s half marathon training plan, I’ve finally rediscovered my love of running.

Although I didn’t complete any races in August, I finally made it back to my local parkrun at Walsall Arboretum. Although I really enjoyed running with others, I realised that I’m equally happy running on my own at my own pace.AugustAccording to my Strava statistics I completed 16 training runs during August covering a distance of approximately 76 kilometres, quite an increase from July. I successfully completed weeks 6 to 10 of my half marathon training plan and discovered that I’m definitely an early morning runner.

Running costs

Although I managed to spend £70.99 on running related purchases during August, for the first time in 2016 I avoided buying running gear I don’t need. Progress!

I spent £64.00 on a pair of Brooks Adrenaline GTS 16 trainers, £2.50 on a second-hand running injuries book and £4.49 on a tube of ibuprofen gel. I think that most runners will agree that these were all essential purchases.

I also finally found the time and the motivation to list some of my unwanted running gear on eBay. Everything sold and I made enough money to cover the cost of my new trainers.

Blogging experiences

My blogging mojo returned during August and I enjoyed writing my series of weekly half marathon training review posts. I just need to improve my selfie taking skills or even better, find a friend willing to take the occasional photo of me pretending to run. I also need to work out why WordPress suddenly won’t let me respond to comments on my blog.

I was offered payment in return for a sponsored post for the first time. I turned down the opportunity as I don’t want my blog to become a series of sponsored posts. I also have no idea what a blog post is worth.

I was sent a couple of slightly unusual products to review – I’ve clearly got a reputation as an injury-prone runner. I wonder why!

Looking forward to September

Although my half marathon training has been going really, really well *touches wood* – I’m slightly nervous about the prospect of running for almost two hours in three weeks’ time. Hopefully my right knee and left foot will cope with the increased mileage and longer Sunday runs…Weeks 13 and 14I’m also looking forward to volunteering at the 5 mile run my running club organises on Sunday. Hopefully I won’t be put on car parking duty again… I’m also looking forward to the Lichfield 10 km on September 11th. After studying the course I’m quietly confident I’ll complete the distance in under an hour.

Finally, I’m determined to make some money by selling my unwanted running gear on eBay. I’m only going to allow myself to spend money on race entries. On Monday evening I’m attending a social event at Up and Running in Birmingham. I’m definitely going to have to leave my purse at home.

I know that I’m going to find running for two hours mentally challenging. Does anyone have any longer run survival tips?


8 thoughts on “August review

  1. wanderwolf says:

    Those were essential purchases!
    To get through a long run, I like to have music, I also like to plan the route out and know that I don’t stop or turn around until I’ve reached the planned points.


    • Emma says:

      I definitely agree that they were essential running purchases! I just need to make sure that I continue to delete the seemingly never-ending stream of ‘must buy’ running gear emails I receive. I’ve only even worn music when I run on a treadmill – I’m always slightly concerned that I’d fail to hear a car reversing off a driveway or something. I like the idea of running an out and back type route. I’ve also been looking at catching a train to the centre of Birmingham and running back home.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Maria @ runningcupcake says:

    I agree, essential purchases!
    I used to listen to music on runs but then I found I was always trying to keep with the beat, and with a longer run when I needed several albums it would seem longer. Now I listen to podcasts and I love that as I just zone out a bit, and the time just goes by.
    Hope it goes well!


    • Emma says:

      Thanks Maria. When I used to listen to music at the gym, I’d find myself accidentally speeding up when my phone started to play dance music and club music. I also used to find having my music on ‘shuffle’ a bit hit and miss. Because I play the violin I’ve got loads of classic music on my phone, Mozart et al aren’t the best for running motivation. I’ve never tried listening to podcasts, I’m just a little afraid I wouldn’t be able to hear enough of my surroundings to be safe. There are some terrible drivers where I live!


  3. AnnaTheApple says:

    I love listening to podcasts on a long run. Keeps me sane! I can zone out and just listen to an episode – mainly film reviews or Marathon Talk.
    With sponsored posts I tend to only allow stuff that is sort of related to my blog (stuff about running or food for example) and tend to just give them a figure and can barter with them if they’re not happy or what have you. And yes, there are some weird products out there. I once got asked to review a breathing device (for losing weight?!) I was like errrr what?? I’ve recently been asked to review a foot thing which at first I was bit sceptical of but apparently it helps with bunions which I unfortunately suffer with on one of my feet!


    • Emma says:

      Do you not find that you zone out so much listening to podcasts you almost lose track of where you are running and what you are doing? I’m slightly afraid I’d zone out so much I’d end up getting lost or getting squashed. Luckily, my blog is so waffly I don’t get offered many review opportunities or sponsored posts. In an ideal world I’d be sent a new right knee and some extra shock absorbent foot inserts to review. I’ve recently been asked to review several detox products and London fitness classes, no thanks. See I’d find the foot thing quite interesting to review as it’s something slightly different. Bunions are evil, I hope that the foot thing helps.


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