Cambridge Half Marathon training week 8

As always, I hope that everyone had an amazing weekend. I think the highlights of my weekend were escaping Wallingford on Friday afternoon and completing a really confidence boosting 10 mile long run yesterday morning. It’s just a shame that the weekend only seemed to last about five seconds.Collage 20Following yet another tiring Monday, a persistent cough and cold meant that I treated myself to an extra rest day on Tuesday. I attended my second training session with Run Wallingford on Wednesday and completed a challenging 30 minute ‘fartlek’ session. Although I don’t think my legs were completely recovered from Wednesdays training session, I managed to complete an easy 50 minute run on Thursday, a 40 minute speed work session on Saturday and a longer 10 mile run yesterday.

In addition to running four times, I walked the mile and a bit to and from the office every day and spent an hour walking up and down the stairs at home on Friday evening. All the extra walking means that I’m starting to feel a lot fitter.

So how did my fragile feet and knees cope with the eighth week of my half marathon training? How did I find running in Wallingford for 50 minutes?

Monday – Rest

Once again, I started the week feeling shattered after one of my housemates kindly woke me up first thing in the morning. I can’t wait to move as although most of my housemates are lovely, sharing a house with six other people can be incredibly stressful. Fortunately, the windy walk to work woke me up and made me feel a lot better. As it was reasonably light, I managed to take some photos of Wallingford and the River Thames. Collage 21I left the office at 17:30, got back to my room and spent an hour or so waiting for a phone call that didn’t happen, read a few blogs, answered a few emails and then headed to bed at 21:30. My phone eventually rang at 22:30 and I struggled to get back to sleep after spending half an hour chatting to my mentor.

Tuesday – Rest

Getting out of bed on Tuesday was difficult. I spent most of the day trying not to yawn every five minutes, staying awake after lunch was somewhat challenging. I would have done anything for an afternoon power nap. I left the office at 17:30, got home 45 minutes later, went for a nap and then woke up two hours later. I weighed up the pros and cons of trying to run in a poorly lit and unfamiliar area, and decided to postpone my 50 minute easy run until Thursday.

Wednesday – Training session with Run Wallingford

Following a long but productive day at work, I found myself walking the short distance to Wallingford Sports Hall to meet up with the Run Wallingford group. Earlier in the week, the group leader had sent around an email recommending everyone wore trail shoes. As my trail shoes were chilling out in Four Oaks, I had to make do with my Brooks Adrenalines. The group leader explained that we would be completing triangle and pyramid sessions on the local football field. Both training sessions sounded relativity simple but turned out to quite difficult.Collage 22After a quick warm-up, we split into two groups of seven. My group started with a ‘pyramid’ session, let’s just say I was reminded that I’m a rubbish sprinter and was struggling towards the end. My group then headed to the ‘triangle’ and spent 20 minutes walking, jogging and then running along the three sides of the triangle. I finished the hour session feeling shattered and with trainers and legs covered in mud. Although there had been a fair amount of standing around, I felt I got a good workout as running on muddy grass was energy sapping. I definitely completed my scheduled 30 minute tempo session.

Thursday – 50 mins easy

Thursday should have been a rest day. As I walked back from the office, I realised that I needed some fresh air and some ‘thinking time’ so I decided to attempt the 50 minute easy run I’d missed on Tuesday. Much as I dislike the complete lack of running routes in Wallingford, my new motto is some running is better than no running. After spending far too long faffing around getting my bags packed ready for a quick getaway after work, I got changed into some running gear, did some half-hearted stretches and headed out the door into the cold. The run itself was dull – running laps around a housing estate was monotonous – and I was pleased when the 50 minutes was over. I can’t wait for the lighter evenings when I’ll be able to run along the River Thames.

Friday – 30 mins cross-training

Once again, I managed to escape from the office at 15:00 and arrived back in Four Oaks three hours later. I felt so hungry on the final train journey between Birmingham and Four Oaks, I was super lazy organised, phoned my friend and asked him to order me a takeaway from the local Chinese. Dangerous because I knew that as soon as I sat down I’d find it hard to make myself move again. Once I’d finished my Chinese – it tasted amazing – I had a quick shower, stuck all my work clothes in the wash and then treated myself to a power nap. I eventually completed a 30 minute stair session at almost 22:30. My neighbours must have wondered what I was doing.

Saturday – 40 mins speed work

I’m not sure my right knee appreciated my 30 minute stair session as it felt a little niggly when I woke at 06:30. I’d originally planned to get my run in before 09:00, but I looked out the window, saw that it was raining and went back to bed. After a sneaky lie-in, I headed out the door and enjoyed running in a sleet storm for 40 minutes. As I wanted to actually enjoy my run and needed to save my legs for my 10 mile run, I decided to use my Garmin as a stopwatch. My ‘naked’ run felt great and I got home feeling cold but invigorated. I had a shower, got my ironing done and met up with my mum and stepdad for a large cooked breakfast in The Mare Pool in Mere Green. I was kind of jealous of the people enjoying their pints at 10:45!

The rest of my Saturday was unfortunately not quite so exciting. I entered a couple of races and resisted the temptation to enter the Great Midlands Fun Run. I sorted through all my running and gym gear and put together a huge pile to list on Facebook next time I have a week off. I then spent a couple of hours sending some slightly overdue emails. I’m so disorganised I sometimes wish I wasn’t an adult.

Sunday – 10 mile long run

Predictably, I had a terrible night’s sleep before my 10 mile long run. At about 06:00 I thought “sod it” and decided to get ready to head out on what I hoped would be my longest run since the Great Birmingham Run. My Garmin must have known I was feeling a little apprehensive about my run as it seemed to take forever to function as a GPS. I had what I hoped was a cunning plan in my mind and set out with the aim of starting at a sensible pace and then increasing my pace if my legs, feet, calf muscles etc felt reasonably niggle free.

The first two miles weren’t very enjoyable as it was cold and my calf muscles felt incredibly tight. Once I’d warmed and woken up, I started to enjoy my run and increased my pace. I felt incredibly relaxed until 8 miles into the run when my stomach suddenly started to feel rather ‘suspect’. Luckily the feeling of needing the loo didn’t last too long and I managed to finish my run without walking and without having an accident. Here’s the link to the Relive video of my run.Collage 23So that’s the eighth week of my half marathon training plan successfully completed. Only another four weeks to go! I had to switch some of the running sessions around but managed to finish all of my runs.

I just had a sneaky peak and discovered that week nine of my Cambridge Half training plan looks rather challenging. I’m concerned that my running coach has been so ambitious; my rest days on Monday and Thursday will be the highlight of the week. So following Mondays rest day I’m scheduled to complete a 50 minute easy run on Tuesday, a 30 minute tempo session on Wednesday – I may take part in another Run Wallingford training session, a speed work session lasting 40 minutes on Saturday and a 12 mile long run on Sunday. I queried the 12 mile long run with my coach as I thought it was a typo!

At some stage on Friday I’ve got to fit in 50 minutes of cross-training. If I feel as shattered as I did last Friday I suspect I’ll struggle to motivate myself.

Training totals

  • Runs: 24
  • Time: 17 hours 0 mins
  • Distance: 95.63 miles


  • Right heel: 2/10
  • Right knee: 4/10
  • Left foot: 4/10
  • Left calf: 5/10

6 thoughts on “Cambridge Half Marathon training week 8

    • Emma says:

      Thanks Anna. I once managed to sleep through a fire alarm at uni and only woke when a fireman came into my room. I’ve clearly turned into a light sleeper as I’ve got older. My friend came up with a slightly scary theory; I’m not sleeping very well because I subconsciously don’t feel safe in my room.


  1. laurafat2fit says:

    Great work on the training, I definitely need to get in some mid week runs.. i only ran twice last week. The race is coming up quick! I’ve got an 11 miler planned for the next 2 weeks and that’s as far as i’m going unless my OH has other plans to increase the distance!


    • Emma says:

      Thanks Laura. I’ve just about managed to fit in a couple of midweek runs this week. I’m feeling so tired today, I’m dreading my 12 mile run tomorrow morning and next Sunday. I guess I can only do my best. I can’t wait for the taper to start!


    • Emma says:

      Thanks Maria. Although the 10 miler definitely gave me loads of confidence, I’m so tired today I’m dreading my 12 mile run tomorrow. I’m planning on starting really slowly, seeing how I feel and then building up the pace. House sharing with six people can be difficult. One morning all three bathrooms were occupied and I really needed the toilet.


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