London Landmarks Half Marathon training Week 4

Good morning. Happy Monday. As always, I hope that everyone had an awesome weekend. After a slightly hectic week, I quite enjoyed spending a bit of time chilling out at home during the weekend.collage 8Week four of my London Landmarks Half training plan recommended that I completed a steady 45 minute run on Tuesday, a 60 minute easy run on Wednesday, a steady 45 minute run on Friday and a longer 80 minute run on Sunday. After not running for a couple of weeks, my main aim was to complete at least a couple of runs.

So how did I get on during the fourth week of my half marathon training? Did I manage to get my training back on track? Did my virus clear up enough to let me run? Did I spend my evenings feeling guilty for not running?

Monday – Rest

Thanks to taking a flexi day, I managed to avoid being in the office on Blue Monday. Although I didn’t feel great when I first dragged myself out of bed, I had a pretty awesome day. Mum collected me in the morning and drove us to the café at Chase Farm Shop for a cooked breakfast.collage 9I felt much, much better after working my way through a cooked breakfast, I could almost feel my energy levels increasing with each mouthful. Mum dropped me back home and I spent the rest of the morning and early afternoon completing a job application and some blogmin. After a relatively speedy journey back to Wallingford, I spent the evening packing my bags ready to move out of my shared house.

Tuesday – 45 mins steady Rest

After one of my housemates woke me three times, getting up for work was challenging. I’m ashamed to admit I popped into Greggs on the way into the office and grabbed myself a couple of sausage rolls. Such an unhealthy breakfast but I needed some comfort food. The weather was a little random; at lunchtime it was sunny then it suddenly went dark and started to snow. The walk back to my shared house was slightly hazardous in places. Once I got back to my room, operation pack up and move my belongings. I managed to leave on good terms which is always a bonus. I briefly considered heading out for a celebratory run but decided not to risk running and falling over on the icy pavements.

Wednesday – 60 mins easy Rest

Thanks to some incredibly icy pavements, the walk into the office was hilarious. Looking back, I’ve genuinely got no idea how I managed to stay upright.collage 10A couple of interesting meetings meant that the day seemed to go quickly, and I was soon repeating my Bambi on Ice impression. I got back to my new room, lay on my bed and had a much-needed nap. The rest of the evening was slightly more productive. I think it’s safe to say I feel more relaxed now that I’ve moved out of the shared house of doom.

Thursday – Rest

Once again, the day seemed to fly by, always a positive. I escaped from the office when it was still light and called into the Boat House for a couple of drinks with a colleague. I’ve no idea why but BrewDog tastes better in Wallingford than it does in Four Oaks. We left the pub at a sensible time and walked the short distance to Delhi Brasserie for something to eat. If you ever find yourself in Wallingford – I’ve no idea why you would because there’s not a lot to do – check out Delhi Brasserie; the food is amazing.

Friday – 45 mins steady Rest

After a slightly bizarre week – I guess starting the week in one house and ending it in another is always going to feel a little strange – I was pleased when I could escape from Wallingford for a couple of days and head back home. I got home, stuck a load of washing in the machine, ordered myself a Chinese takeaway and relaxed in front of the TV. Not very exciting but just what this doctor ordered.

Saturday – Rest

I felt well enough when I woke up to attempt a short run. Unfortunately, thanks to an epic coughing fit, I had to head back home after 10 minutes. The rest of my Saturday was more positive. I popped into Sutton Coldfield and came away from TK Maxx with some yellow sticker sale bargains including three pairs of 2UX compression tights for only £2.50 a pair. I also bought some cheap running socks, a compression top with a built-in hydration pack and some smartish trainers for work. I briefly considered checking out the Birmingham branch of TK Maxx but decided to give my debit card a rest. The rest of Saturday was productive but dull; nothing beats ticking off loads of tasks on my things to do list.

Sunday – 80 mins comfortable Rest

Another day and another failed attempt at a training run. I only managed to run for 5 minutes before I had to return home. I really can’t imagine running a half marathon in a couple of month’s time. I can only hope that this virus clears up ASAP. So that’s the fourth week of my London Landmarks Half Marathon training not completed. I’m trying to remain positive but it’s getting quite hard. I’ve just checked out the weather forecast for the week ahead and it doesn’t look great.

Week five of my half marathon training plan is described as the mid schedule peak. To be completely honest, I don’t feel like I’ve completed enough of the plan to be reaching a peak. I’ve got to complete an easy half hour run after work, a 20-25 minute speed session on Thursday, a steady 50 minute run on Friday and a longer 90 minute slow run on Sunday. The thought of running for 90 minutes sounds completely unrealistic at the moment, but I’ll see how I get on.

Training totals

  • Runs: 3
  • Time: 1 hours 55 mins
  • Distance: 10.83 miles


  • Right knee: 1/10
  • Left foot: 0/10
  • Right foot: 0/10

Did you have much snow where you live? I’ve just checked out the forecast for Wallingford and the week ahead looks a bit dodgy.

What is your best running related bargain? I’m not sure I’ll ever beat 2XU compression tights for £2.50. I’ve been told that had I gone into TK Maxx later the tights would have been even cheaper.


9 thoughts on “London Landmarks Half Marathon training Week 4

  1. AnnaTheApple says:

    Wow you’ve not had any luck have you! What with being ill and icy roads. Sounds really tough 😦
    But hey, on the plus side, it looks like you had a really good breakfast. A fry-up is something I really adore. I love my porridge as my staple breakfast, but as a weekend treat a fry-up is just DIVINE. And it’s one of those meals which is so much better when it’s cooked for you because of all the cooking timings.
    We haven’t had any snow (yet?) but we rarely do as we’re so close to the sea. But we shall see I guess!


    • Emma says:

      Tell me about it, it feels like the second I started to feel better the pavements turned into ice rinks #moan I did manage to run on Monday and weather-permitting will head out again tomorrow. I keep reminding myself that all the rest has helped my niggles to clear up. Every cloud and all of that.
      I love a good fry up but could have done with a bit more bacon, a couple more hash browns and some tomatoes. The farm shop does do great breakfasts and I think that everything is locally sourced. I need to use all the porridge samples I was sent by MyProtein last year. I think they are in danger of going out of date. I could easily prepare them in the office as we have a kitchen.
      I hope you don’t get any snow because it’s a PITA when it turns to ice/slush. I need to move nearer the sea.


  2. Derek Lee says:

    Hi Emma! I love the down-to-earth honesty of your posts, reflecting life as it is and not how all these expert running plans tell us it should be! I feel your frustration about these stupid bugs that keep us feeling sub-optimal. I treated myself to a neck tube for the cold weather, but as yet have not been well enough/brave enough to test it out. Keep going, you’ll get there! I don’t know if you are an “Archers” fan, but Alistair completed half-marathon as pantomime horse. Completely irrelevant here, but made me smile.


    • Emma says:

      Thanks Derek, that means a lot as I always aim to keep it real so to speak. I’m definitely not the type of runner who carries on training no matter what. I think I’ve just about got over my cough and cold, I managed a 30 minute run on Monday and didn’t die. It’s just a shame the pavements in Wallingford are now like mini ice rinks. The neck tube you treated yourself to sounds good. I wore a headband for the first time on Monday, it kept my slightly sticky out ears nice and warm. My mum loves The Archers so I’ll ask her about the pantomime horse half marathon, I’m amazed she hasn’t already mentioned it.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Maria @ Maria Runs says:

    Those tights are a super bargain! I am impressed you have the patience to go through TKMax- I just don’t have the patience to look through shops for bargains.
    Don’t stress too much about the missed runs- being healthy is much more important in the long run and you have enough of a running background to be able to walk/run a half anyway.


    • Emma says:

      I know, I couldn’t believe how cheap they were. I love the TK Maxx yellow sticker sale. I think my best ever buy was a triathlon suit a few years ago. I think it cost me £2.50. I’ve actually joined a TK Maxx group on Facebook, that’s how I knew the yellow sticker sale was ending. I don’t tend to shop in there because I find the queues and the fact I rarely find anything in my size really frustrating.
      I managed a 30 minute run on Monday and was amazed because it felt quite easy. I just hope the weather doesn’t stop me running this weekend.


  4. pathtofinishline says:

    I totally get it how being sick doesn’t help you feel much better when you’re training for something. I wish you come back and come back stronger!

    My best bargains regarding running must be the two race entries I got as a part of the giveaways which were otherwise $50+. Technically not a bargain though 😜


    • Emma says:

      Thanks! I think I’m finally well enough to run again now. It’s just unfortunate that the weather has suddenly gone into full English winter mode.
      Those race entries sound like a real bargain to me, they definitely count!

      Liked by 1 person

      • says:

        You’ll just run back again stronger, but as everyone might have told you and you would already know – take it easy!

        There is this urge to just push yourself after a long time, but saving that helps big time 🙂


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