Juneathon Day 29: the one with parkrun volunteering and accidental cans of Punk IPA

Good morning and happy Sunday. I can’t believe it’s the last day of June and I’ve only got to write one more Juneathon update. Such a lot has happened this month. I can’t believe that at the start of the month I was living in Wallingford, it already feels like a lifetime ago.

On the penultimate day of Juneathon, the sun woke me at 06:00. I didn’t mind as the weather looked perfect and I needed to complete a couple of chores before parkrun.  Chores completed, I headed out the door at 07:30. After trying and falling to run to Banners Gate the previous week, I decided to walk as far as the Jamboree Stone, and then running the rest.

I love walking through Sutton Park when it’s quiet. My walk turned into a jog when I found myself surrounded by a swarm of tiny black flying bugs. I’ve no idea what they were, but they were irritating and seemed to find me quite tasty. I blame the heat and all the cow pats.

After running my fastest mile this year – the final mile of the parkrun route is mostly downhill – I arrived at the start feeling a little toasty. I collected a hi-viz and the finish tokens, found the lady I’d be working with, and then went and found some shade. I’d like to say my first experience of handing out tokens was straightforward but it wasn’t. One runner refused to take a token because his “time was crap”. Another runner stopped on the finish line for about 10 seconds and then complained when they weren’t handed the ‘correct’ token (a couple of people had ‘overtaken’ as they were blocking the finish line).

I’m not looking forward to time keeping next weekend! After volunteering three weeks in a row, I *may* have a go at running soon. I can feel my running mojo returning.

Once I’d walked back from parkrun, the rest of my Saturday was a far more relaxed affair. In between some housework, I seemed to spend far too much time watching cricket. I also finished off the cans of Punk IPA I was given when I left Wallingford. I’m not sure I’ll be able to watch England take on India tomorrow (today when this is published). I have a horrible feeling England will be batted and bowled off the park by India.

Random Photos from Day 29

It wouldn’t be a Saturday recap without some parkrun photos. I’ve included some photos I took on the way to the start.

Once again, I managed to avoid the race photographers so I’ve included a photo of the finish area. Not very exciting but I’m there in the background somewhere.

Best thing spotted on the Internet on Day 29

This is a bit of a selfish one, but I’m so pleased to see a few more classes and running groups in Sutton Coldfield.

I’ve been meaning to give pilates a go since I reviewed Pilates for Runners almost two years ago.

 Cumulative Juneathon Distance: 27.36 km


2 thoughts on “Juneathon Day 29: the one with parkrun volunteering and accidental cans of Punk IPA

  1. Maria @ Maria Runs says:

    Well done for volunteering- there will always be some people with bad attitudes but just think that the vast majority of parkrunners are happy with the process etc. I remember once being asked by a runner, in all seriousness, if the person taking photographs could tag each person individually so that he didn’t, in his words, have to “waste time looking through all the photos to find one of me looking good”- the mind boggles as to how on earth he thought this would work!


    • Emma says:

      I can’t believe someone expected the photographer to go through hundreds of photos tagging people, that’s so bad it’s actually quite funny. I bet the photographer was gobsmacked. I spent far too long reading more of the parkrun thread on Fetcheveryone yesterday, some of the tales of rude parkrunners are terrible. I suspect the heat may have got to a few people on Saturday, people definitely seemed a little grumpier than usual.


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