Bad Day at the Office

Yesterday was the start of my 16-week Great Birmingham Run training schedule. I only had to do ‘3 miles easy’ what could possibly go wrong?

I was so busy working my way through corrections on my current PhD chapter that I left it too late to make it to running club. As a result I made the decision to do my training session on the roads surrounding the tennis club.

I thought that I’d be smart and that I had changed my Garmin from kilometres into miles. During the ‘run’ I realised that it was still recording my splits in kilometres, awesome!!

During the run I noticed that my calf muscles felt quite tight. No make that *really* tight, almost in the painful category. I also noticed that it seemed to take more forever to get to 1 mile. My Garmin appears to suggest that I ran through several wooded areas and through some private gardens last night. I suspect that the amount of trees were causing issues with the GPS signal and that as a result I ran more than 3 miles.

With my calves feeling like they were about to go into spasm at any moment, I decided that it was time for some The Stick punishment. I bought my Stick at the London Marathon Expo in 2006?, last night was the first time I’ve actually used it!

I then dug out my foam roller (also never really used), did a spot of research into correct rolling techniques on YouTube, and had a go at rolling out my tight spots. Bugger me it was painful. I only managed a couple of goes before giving up. I clearly need to take this injury prevention more seriously. Needless to say my calves are still feeling tight at the moment.


Away from my running woes I’ve been trying to sort out some of my PhD related woes. At the moment I feel like I am months behind where I should be. This afternoon rather than cracking on with my work, I spent my time completing another application form for China and then concocting an Academic CV to accompany my application. I didn’t really have a clue what an Academic CV is meant to look like so I based mine on this example

It’s a huge concern that I don’t have any ‘proper’ papers published yet. All I have produced so far is a book review which is available here Go me!! I guess that one of the problems with being a home-based student is the lack of what I would call friendly competition with other research students. Yes all research is unique and individual, but I know that if I was surrounded by students trying to publish papers, I would make more effort.

Enough of the moaning. I have a chapter that is ready to be submitted to a journal, I need to push my supervisor into letting me submit it!


Tomorrow I am scheduled to complete another 3-mile training run. *Fingers and toes crossed* that another stretching session and torture session on my foam roller helps to sort out my calf muscles.


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