Two Races in One Day

I completed two contrasting 5 km events yesterday. Event one was the Walsall parkrun at 09:00, event two was the Sutton Coldfield Race for Life at 11:00.

I had woken up early on Saturday morning with a really dodgy stomach. I lay awake for an hour or so feeling terrible. I must have nodded off as the next thing I remember is being woken by my alarm at 07:00

So, race one, Walsall Arboretum parkrun.

I didn’t know how to approach this as (a) I was still not quite feeling 100%, (b) my right calf was feeling pretty sore and (c) I was aware that I would have to run again at 11:00! I decided not to ‘race’ the event but to try and get to the finish line in one piece.

Yet again the race photographer managed to capture me at my best.


[Photo: Ron Reynolds]

I must remember to keep my eyes open when I’m running…

My official time was 27:49 and I finished 16th lady and 88th out of 145 runners. However my Garmin time was 27:35 so it looks like there may be slight glitch with the results.

After I had recovered from race one, we headed straight to the tennis club where I changed into a suitably pink number for the Race for Life. Judging by some of the comments from people I met in the park, I had a bright pink face to match my pink top.

So, race two. After a slight delay (getting 3000 runners into Sutton Park is always going to be a challenge) I positioned myself on the start line. Yes that’s right, I was in the front row of an event for the first time. I didn’t want to be stuck behind 2500 walkers, and  last time I did this event I was knocked over by a random dog.1d0e7-heart-high-fives-at-sutton-park-sunday-24-1372521918-view-0

[Photo: Heart FM]

I would love to find out where the start line photo has ended up.  I think at this point my legs were asking me what the hell I was playing at.

I must point out that the Race for Life course in Sutton Park is pretty challenging, and manages to incorporate one of the longest hills in the Park. The first half of the race is generally downhill (I may have got carried away). This means that the final two kilometres are uphill towards the Jamboree Stone.

So after finishing my second 5km of the day in a not very respectable 29:32, I was handed my Race for Life medal, bottle of water and mysterious snack. I decided that I didn’t like the look of the snack.


A decent medal this year, thanks Race for Life team

So after two runs yesterday I am having  much needed rest day today. I think that a session with the foam roller is required later as my right calf is still pretty sore.

Finally, moving on to the PhD part of this blog. I finally finished my Ecological Drought chapter on Thursday and emailed a copy across to my Supervisor. I’ve already had loads of comments and improvements back (thanks Geoff), and can now crack on with getting this part of the Trent chapter finalised.

That leaves the sections on flow management and hydrologic metrics to complete. No problem…


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