Changes Required

This morning I returned some Size 12 jeans to New Look. The jeans were far too small, I knew that there was no point in keeping them.

I then popped into Boots and spotted the weighing/BMI machine tucked away in the corner. I have to make a confession. I haven’t stepped foot (literally) onto one of these machines since I was an underweight teenager.

I paid the extra 20p to get my body fat percentage estimated, had my measurements taken and…

I know that these machines are often incorrectly calibrated and tend to overestimate weight. I also know that I was (obviously) wearing clothes but I was still shocked by what I saw.

I’ve made my results public to hopefully shame me into doing something about the weight gain.

There will be more exercise, more clean eating and no junk food. I very, very rarely drink alcohol so I can’t even blame the bulge on excessive boozing.

I’ve been lazy since the start of the year. OK so my injury problems have limited the amount of running I’ve done but I could always go swimming, cycling, climbing etc etc.

It’s time for me to take control of my life!


I then cheered myself with a couple of bargain running related purchases in TK Maxx. £20 for some 2 in 1 shorts and a long sleeved top can’t be bad.

I love MPG Mondetta as it actually fits, and will definitely blog about the brand at a later date.


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