Wake-up call

I’ve experienced a couple of rubbish runs this week. Monday’s run was a real struggle and my run earlier today was a disaster. The only positive was me not stopping after 10 minutes (I had to tell myself to HTFU) and making it to the end of my scheduled training session.

While I was out running, I started thinking about an article I’d read this morning: “Dead cyclist’s ID remains a mystery”

I found the article and the photos of the cyclist’s gear really, really chilling.

I was left asking myself questions such as “Why haven’t any family members reported the cyclist missing?”, “Surely someone must know who he is?” and finally “Why wasn’t he carrying any ID?”

The final question was a bit of a wake-up call.

I always run alone, never tell anyone I’m going running, never tell anyone where I’m going running when I should be back, never carry my mobile phone with me and never wear ID. I very rarely speak to my family and my partner is often away.

I never bother filling in my details on the back of race numbers. The back of my race numbers have remained as blank as the example below.RN_RaceNoRevI will ensure that I fill in my information in future events. How can I expect medical staff/race organisers to help me when I can’t be bothered to help them by filling in my details? I’ve been really selfish!

Am I the only runner guilty of not wearing any ID/filling in the back of race numbers? I’ve now ordered myself a cheap ID bracelet and will let people know when I’m heading out running.


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