Back to Basics: Week 1 Recap

Apologies if this blog entry is dull. I’m not sure that reading reviews of other people’s training is that exciting/interesting. I’ve decided to write a series of six “Back to Basics” blogs hopefully documenting my successful return to 10k running.

Speaking of 10,000m running. How amazing was the finish of the men’s 10,000m in the Commonwealth Games last night? Amazing!

Due to my limited fitness levels I looked for a training schedule that incorporated run-walking in the first couple of weeks. Enter the 6-week Race for Life Intermediate training plan.

I’ve now accepted that I’m not a morning runner, and have decided to do all my runs in the afternoon. I’m lucky that as a home-based research student I can work the hours I want. I’m making the most of my student status, there have to be a few perks!

Monday: 30 minutes (1 minute brisk walk followed by 2 minutes of jogging). Repeat 10 times

I learnt a valuable lesson on Monday. I will never, ever make the mistake of overestimating my fitness levels again! I suspect that reading all the #TR24 blogs on Fetch and via links posted on twitter led to me feeling slightly overconfident. Any idiot can do 30 minutes of walking and jogging can’t they? It was actually a lot more difficult than I thought it would be. Throw in the hills of Four Oaks (why oh why do hills always correspond with the running reps?) and the heat and I was struggling. I also learnt that my long legs make jogging really tricky. In the end I ran at my normal (slow) pace.

Time: 30 minutes Distance: 4.50 km Pace: 06:40/km

Tuesday: Rest

I’m World Class at resting. If medals were handed out for resting I’d be on the top of the podium. I accept that resting is probably the most important part of any training plan!

Wednesday: 30 minutes (1 minute brisk walk followed by 2 minutes of jogging). Repeat 10 times

I followed the same route as on Monday with the addition of a couple more hills. Being the genius that I am, I made sure that I ran during the hottest part of the day. Wednesday’s run felt easier than Monday’s run. I love rapid progress! The only negative was the return of my old nemesis; tight calves. I made sure that I was reunited with my Stick and foam roller on Wednesday evening. I also dug out my sexy compression socks.

Time: 30 minutes Distance: 4.54 km Pace: 06:37/km

Thursday: Cross Training

Now I have never really bothered with cross training before. I decided to follow the ‘4 min love to run workout’ included with the training plan. I struggled with the Squat to Rock, loved the Runaway Arms, completely messed up the Charlie’s Angels and had no idea what I was doing with the Tummy Toner.

I.MUST.DO.MORE.CORE.WORK!Friday: 30 minutes (1 minute brisk walk followed by 2 minutes of jogging). Repeat 10 times

You all know the routine now! This time I headed to the Four Oaks Estate for my training session. My Garmin seemed to take ages to locate some satellites, and I was left wandering around, waving my wrist around like an idiot for more than 10 minutes. It was red-hot and humid, I was feeling slightly peaky and was struggling after less than 10 minutes. I also made the fatal error of wearing my “Runner Not Jogger” top from H&M.untitledTop tip # 1. Fully expect to be heckled when you are spotted walking wearing a top with a “Runner Not Jogger” slogan! Top tip # 2. Always check the weather before running. I love running in the rain. It started to rain less than an hour after I had been struggling in the heat, sometimes I’m a real muppet!

Time: 30 minutes Distance: 4.49 km Pace: 06:41/km

Saturday: Cross Training

So more of this mysterious activity, cross training. I decided that my session on Thursday had been too easy (or I wasn’t doing the moves correctly) so I decided to have a go at the Abs and Legs Mini Circuit on Tribesports.

As I sit typing this blog, my arms feel like lead and my abs (?) are feeling like they have been tortured.

Sunday: Rest Day

Horray for rest and recovery days which enable me to blog on a Saturday. I’m already looking forward to the additional challenges of week 2.

Highlights of Week 1:

  1. Actually having the motivation to follow a training plan.
  2. The fact that my right foot hasn’t fallen apart, yet!
  3. Compression socks work.
  4. Appearing in a Women’s Running Magazine Great Debate. I’m famous(ish)!
  5. Discovering orange flavoured nuun!

Lessons Learned From Week 1:

  1. Don’t overestimate my own ability!
  2. Rehydrate, rehydrate and rehydrate some more (thanks nuun!).
  3. Bodyglide is amazing!
  4. Be patient, concentrate on my own training and not on what other people are doing (this also applies to other aspects of my life).
  5. I am lucky to be able to pick when I run!

One thought on “Back to Basics: Week 1 Recap

  1. Vic B says:

    Thanks for sharing the first week of your “back to basics” training. I look forward to seeing you return to 10k running. Keep an eye on your niggles.


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