No London Marathon 2015

Like the majority of runners I follow on twitter, I’m a London Marathon reject. Mum confirmed that my “we don’t want you” magazine was delivered earlier. I also double checked using the payment link which confirmed my status as a reject.

At least they haven’t used the blue smurf as the face of rejection again. I really felt sorry for the bloke on the cover of the previous rejection magazines.London no 2015

As soon as I tweeted that I had been rejected in the ballot, a couple of charities replied offering me places.

Unfortunately, there is no way I could ever raise enough money to accept a charity place. If I were to accept a charity place it wouldn’t be fair on either me or the charity. I’ve been there and done that, raising money is actually harder than marathon training. The majority of runners are in the same position as me so I’ll shut up and move on.

I can’t complain too much as I’ve actually been pretty successful in the London ballot. I was accepted into 2006, 2008, 2010 and 2012 events (spot the pattern). It’s time to let other runners have a go!

So my Plan B is to enter the ballot for the Berlin Marathon which opens on October 18th. I didn’t get a place in Berlin this year so fingers crossed I’ll get a place for 2015. Otherwise Plan C is to see if I can get a place through my running club. I seem to remember they were actually struggling to fill places a few years ago.

If all else fails I can get off my fat arse and work towards a Good for Age time.UntitledIn 2007 I ran a pretty fast half marathon.

I genuinely believe that there is nothing preventing me getting back to my 2007 level of running. I just need to sort out my injury issues first.

Otherwise I can always wait until I’m 76 :o)


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