Setting Achievable Goals

I was looking through my blog on Fetcheveryone, researching my recovery from an old injury, when I came across my 2014 running goals.

So far I’ve managed to keep the majority of my New Year’s resolutions. I’ve been more positive as a person, I’ve stopped worrying about the things that I can’t control and have finally moved on from the past. My diet still needs to be improved but I’m working on it. The difference is that I now want to sort out my diet. In previous years I was very good at talking about wanting to change my diet and researching healthy foods, recipes but deep down I couldn’t be bothered.

My 2014 running goals are a completely different matter, 2014 has been the year of yet more injuries and niggles. Following my physio appointment earlier in the week, I’ve accepted I won’t run again this year. I now have no chance of achieving my running goals which were to:

  1. To run 500 miles.
  2. To run a sub 8-minute mile.
  3. To run a sub 25-minute 5km.
  4. To run a sub 55-minute 10km.
  5. To complete a half marathon.
  6. To enjoy my London Marathon experience.
  7. To run up “Cardiac Hill” without taking a sneaky walking break.
  8. To avoid making any running related purchases i.e. no more running gear.

I  only managed to run 141 miles, I didn’t manage to run either a sub 25-minute 5km or a sub 55-minute 10km, I didn’t complete a half marathon, I walked up “Cardiac Hill” and I did loads of running related shopping.

I actually did manage to enjoy my London Marathon experience! For some strange reason I love watching other people run.

At first I felt like a huge failure when I realised that I’d not achieved seven out of eight relatively easy running goals.

I’ve decided to set myself a set of five updated and achievable running related goals for the end of 2014 and start of 2015:

  1. To volunteer/marshal more in local events, I had a great time at Bud’s Run yesterday.
  2. To do what my physio and any other medical type people tell me to do. They know best, I don’t! RICE = RICE and not icing my foot once and then not bothering again.
  3. To stick to the 10% rule in future i.e. no more doing 3 miles in week 1 and 27 miles in week 2.
  4. To stop comparing myself to other runners.
  5. Not to run when I’m in pain.

Once my injury woes are sorted, and I’m able to complete regular training sessions I’ll set myself some more challenging running goals.

My overall goal is to one day achieve a Good For Age time for the London Marathon. It might take me two years, it might take me ten years, injuries may prevent me from running another marathon but I’m determined.

What are your running goals for 2015? What are your long-term running goals? Do you think that any of my running goals are unrealistic? I’d love to hear your thoughts :o)


2 thoughts on “Setting Achievable Goals

  1. WalkToRio says:

    My racing goals have been a great failure this year, due to injuries too and then the recovery process.
    I gotta work on this ”
    To do what my physio and any other medical type people tell me to do. They know best, I don’t! RICE = RICE and not icing my foot once and then not bothering again.” too.
    I don’t think your running goals are unrealistic, the key is to stay healthy.
    As for me, I’ll be happy if I make to the world championships next year, but for that I gotta remain injury free.
    Have a great week!


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