MYTHOS 2.0 Thermo Lady Tights review

As a runner, having longer than average legs has a number of advantages. During my more competitive days I quickly discovered that having a long stride length was a bonus, overtaking other runners was always relatively easy. In addition, I always seemed to find having longer legs and advantage during the cross country season. Although I love being tall and having long legs, finding clothes that fit has always been a challenge.

Last November I decided to research the availability (or not) of running tights for taller women. I listed all of the brands I have purchased running tights from in the past (12 different brands!) and emailed each brand the following questions:

  1. How long are your running tights?
  2. Which style of running tights (if any) would you recommend for a taller female runner?
  3. Does your brand have any plans in the future to produce a ‘tall’ range of running gear?

I received responses from the majority of the brands I contacted and discovered that none of the brands have any plans to introduce a “tall” range. Although this is unfortunate, I can fully understand why a brand would not be in a position to cater for such a limited market. Over half of the brands recommended a pair of running tights that “might” fit. GORE RUNNING WEAR® were kind enough to send me a pair of MYTHOS 2.0 Thermo Lady Tights* to review.

MYTHOS 2.0 Thermo Lady Tights

Two months and several windy, wet, snowy and muddy (luckily not simultaneously) training runs later, I feel that I am now in a position to review these tights. At times I have felt that these tights are far too good for a runner of my standard, it appears that running bloggers can also experience imposter syndrome!

Unfortunately it’s impossible to take an action photo without a willing assistant. As every blog needs at least one photo I decided to include a post-run stretching shot. This has two advantages; (1) you don’t get to see my beetroot red face, and (2) hopefully you can see that the tights cover my

Firstly and most importantly these tights are just about long enough in the leg for me. Not having to endure chilly ankles due to the gripper elastic on the bottom of each leg holding the tights in place has been a revelation. I also quickly discovered that the tights are really comfortable to wear, as a runner I believe that comfort is really, really important. The tights have remained comfortable throughout the duration of all of my training runs and haven’t caused any unfortunate chafing incidents.

The tights have a zipped back pocket that is large enough for me to fit my house key and my inhaler inside, as an asthmatic being able to carry my inhaler is an added bonus. The tights have an elastic waistband that is adjustable with a cord; the adjustable cord was a lifesaver during the recent festive period. The tights are marketed as providing extra warmth in cold conditions. I can confirm that even during several pretty chilly Couch to 5k training sessions, my legs remained chill free. Although the material is warm these tights are not bulky.

I like to wash my running gear after each training session as I am not a fan of wearing smelly running kit. I have worn and washed these tights on more than a dozen occasions and they have retained their shape and size.

The only downside to these running tights is perhaps the cost, with a retail price of more than £70 these tights would be at the top end of my meagre student budget. These running tights have, however, rapidly become a valuable part of my winter running wardrobe. Now that I know that these tights fit I will definitely be buying a pair.

*Although GORE RUNNING WEAR® very kindly provided me with a pair of MYTHOS 2.0 Thermo Lady Tights to review, all training runs and opinions are my own.

The MYTHOS 2.0 tights have a RRP of £74.99, are available in two colours and in sizes ranging from XS to XL. For stockist details please visit


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