Rants and raves #1

**Disclaimer: this post was written while the author was experiencing a severe red wine induced headache.  As always all rants, raves and opinions represent my own views, and other (far superior) less opinionated running blogs are available**

I am unfortunately unable to run, again! This means that I have been spending wasting far too much time watching other people running, skiing, riding and swimming. Although there have been a few feelings of envy, I have also enjoyed reading about various sporting achievements in the numerous blogs I follow. This month my focus has been on writing academic papers and preparing for my PhD Viva. I have also submitted an abstract for a conference that takes place in La Crosse in August. I have realised that there are bazillions of informative running blogs out there, my occasional ramblings are just that, ramblings that are only read by my cat Widdy and by my stalker *waves*.

As for my latest injury, has anyone else experienced random and totally unexplained knee pain and instability? One minute my right knee was fine, the next minute I was ‘phoning a friend as I couldn’t walk back from the train station. Bloody awesome! So my first rant in what will form a regular(ish) blog feature “Rants and Raves” is my random knee injury. I am hoping that I will wake up one morning to a pain free knee. My first rave is the Asics 2015 global campaign “It’s a big world. Go run it”

Personally I think this advert is pretty inspirational, if I wasn’t sitting on the injury step I would be out exploring the streets of Four Oaks and Marylebone. I love the complete absence of “these vastly overpriced trainers are the best trainers ever” type statements, Adidas and Nike I’m looking at you. If only I could run at the moment. Unfortunately a recent campaign by another brand left me feeling far from inspired.

The brand Sweaty Betty is the subject of my next rant (I’m not just sniping because we don’t have a Sweaty Betty in Birmingham). I know that Sweaty Betty put on loads of free classes, and I know that the brand is quite popular. Some of the recent marketing of the Sweaty Betty X Richard Nicoll range has irritated me, a lot. Firstly, the use of slender models for the launch at the London Fashion Week last September was, in my opinion, a mistake. I know that some people have loved the Sweaty Betty campaign, but as someone who has overcome an eating disorder, I would love to see more brands using real athletes to model their clothes, thank-you Oiselle.

Sweaty Betty

Source: Sweaty Betty Facebook page

Secondly, sending an email with the subject line “Would you like to own a piece of history?” just irritated the crap out of me, definitely a marketing fail. I personally don’t believe that a Sweaty Betty £335 Run Dress or any other items of Sweaty Betty gear can really be classified as representing future pieces of history. Sorry!

My next rave is food related and perhaps has no place in a running blog. Luckily I have overcome my food demons and although I will always be a fussy eater, I have moved away from my “safe foods”. Over the last five years I have been treated to numerous meals in a small family run Italian restaurant, Casa Becci. I have worked my way through the menu and I can honestly say that I have thoroughly enjoyed every meal. If I had a place in the London Marathon I would be carb loading in there the evening before the race. While on the subject of food, I have also been treated to a meal in the Chiltern Firehouse. My advice is, don’t bother!

My final rant relates to what I have termed #Spen20gate. Last Sunday, some members of the twitterverse were outraged by the alleged treatment of a runner in a low key club event. I saw tweets calling for the future boycott of the event, I saw tweets urging members of Spenborough and District Athletics Club, the event organisers, to resign, and I saw clubs trying to poach members.

One individual who was not even at the race in question (I am not even sure she is a runner) managed to write almost 100 tweets in less than 12 hours. Amazing, I must thank you for the entertainment on my train journey to London!! So well done twitter, you have potentially put dozens of people off the idea of organising and volunteering at future events. I am pretty certain that the Spen 20 will be back in 2016.

I hope that these rants and raves haven’t offended my cat Widdy and my stalker *waves again* #Spen20gate highlighted just how easy it is to offend people on the internet (although I think that certain individuals surf the internet looking for articles/blogs that they can then share with their followers because they felt “outraged”). Hopefully I’ll be back running soon meaning that I will be in a position to write desperately boring race reports and reviews of products that people don’t want or need.


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