Juneathon Day 5

As, thanks to the birds, I was wide awake at 6am I decided to head out for an early run before I could change my mind. Since the start of the year I’ve discovered that I’m better at running when I’m not completely awake. I don’t seem to notice the hills as much and don’t have too much time to convince myself not to run. By 8am I was back home knocking back a pint of chocolate milk and doing an excellent Larry the Lobster impression. By 9am I was ‘resting my eyes’ i.e. having a quick nap. Now that I’m getting older I need more than 6 hours sleep a night.

By midday I had recovered enough from my morning run to walk the mile or so to the local pub to meet mum for lunch. Although my cheese and tomato sarnie on white bread wasn’t very healthy, I swapped my usual portion of chips for a bowl of salad. Hopefully these small improvements will make a difference.

After lunch I found myself mowing the lawn for mum. I decided to be a serious statistics geek and wore my GPS to find out how much distance I covered.  Just over thirty minutes later I had an answer, 1.82 km. I won’t be uploading the results of my lawn analysis to Strava as I don’t want to become known as a #Stravawanker.

I spent the rest of Day 5 sorting out three loads of washing, watching the French Open tennis, correcting some charts in my thesis and updating my training plan for the Great Birmingham Run. My life isn’t very exciting at the moment. The days of drinking too much on a Friday evening appear to have ended. I’m not sure that I even like the taste of alcohol.

Apologies for the dull as ditchwater blog post, hopefully the weekend updates will be more interesting.

Cumulative Juneathon Distance: 7.20 km


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