Juneathon Day 8: the one with torrential rain, a spot of cricket and trip to Lichfield

The rain was so heavy during the morning; I decided not to drive down to Wallingford to collect the rest of my clutter belongings. I have everything I need for the week ahead and just hope that my missing expenses envelope is in Wallingford, I have a horrible feeling I may have shredded it on Friday evening.

I received an email from DNAfit offering 35% off all of their DNAfIt kits. Something to do with it being the Queen’s 93rd birthday, a rather random excuse for a discount code. I’d been thinking about buying one for a while so after about five minutes of weighing up the pros and cons decided to treat myself as a ‘reward’ for my promotion. I now need to stop buying myself treats; I’ve already gone over my June budget. Hopefully some of my 40 listings on FleaBay will actually sell this evening.

As the weather was so miserable I decided to watch the England v Bangladesh in the Cricket World Cup. I managed to respond to quite a few emails while watching England bat but still felt like I was wasting part of the weekend.

The rest of the day was quite mundane so I won’t bore you all any further.  In the evening I popped into Lichfield to meet a friend – at one stage a group of slightly inebriated women on a Hen Party asked us to join them – we politely declined. After escaping Lichfield I headed back home via the Crown Pub. I only realised it was World Gin Day after I’d ordered my slightly old school Malibu and coke.

Random photos from Day 8

These are even more random than usual. I took a photo of the Tudor of Lichfield as I was sure that I could see a spooky looking object in the top left window.

My friend thought it was hilarious but I reckon the building is so old it must be haunted.

Best thing spotted on the Internet on Day 8

I hope that the warmer weather does make another appearance this month. It was pretty cold and wet in Four Oaks on Saturday.

Cumulative Juneathon Distance: 5 km

Have you ever visited Lichfield? If you haven’t and you ever happen to find yourself in the area definitely visit, it’s a million times nicer than Sutton Coldfield.

Did you celebrate World Gin Day? Do you even like gin? I wouldn’t place gin in my Top 5 of drinks.  


2 thoughts on “Juneathon Day 8: the one with torrential rain, a spot of cricket and trip to Lichfield

  1. M says:

    I’m more of a Guinness or dark rum drinker personally. But I would happily have a Malibu and coke before most gins. The only gin I really enjoy being sloe gin.

    I have taken note of your advice: Lichfield before Sutton Colefield. Or is it Coldfield? Um, sorry about the name mangling. Whatever the SC place is actually called, I will now avoid it in favour of Lichfield thanks to your helpful advice.


    • Emma says:

      I can’t go near Guinness after an unfortunate St Patrick’s Day experience when I was at Leeds University. I’m still not convinced the ‘free’ Guinness hat was worth the six pints we all had to drink. I’m now thinking about Malibu and coke.
      Yes, avoid the so-called Royal Town of Sutton Coldfield. With the exception of Sutton Park, there isn’t a lot to do. The main shopping centre is turning into a ghost town and crime is on the increase. I was in Lichfield yesterday and took a load of photos. I’ll have to take some next time in Sutton Coldfield


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