Juneathon Day 7: the one with the rain and the final farewell

I’ve been reunited with my computer and have had an emotional day so this Juneathon post may well be slightly waffly. I’m also feeling quite tired so sorry for any typos.

So, what were the highlights of Day 7 of Juneathon and my final day working in Wallingford? Rather predictably, I felt a little fragile when I woke up. Mixing two pints of beer and red wine wasn’t sensible. I couldn’t face packing up the remainder of my belongings so will have to do that when I head back down to Wallingford either this weekend or next weekend.

The walk into the office was a tad on the soggy side, this was probably a good thing as if it had been sunny I’d probably still be taking photos now. Sitting in an office for what may well be the last time felt a little surreal. I’ve so many memories of my almost 18 months in Wallingford, some good and some bad. The morning flew by and following my exit interview – there were a few tears – a group of us headed to the canteen for what I hope won’t be my last ‘fish and chips’ Friday.

I said my goodbyes, was on the receiving end of a few hugs, returned my access pass, and just about managed to hold back the tears while I waited for the bus. Once I was on the bus, I made the error of reading through the comments in my card. One person wrote ”Congrats Emma – only seems like 5 mins since you started!” the joys of fixed-term contracts.

Following a slightly stressful train journey which involved quite a few delays and cancellations at Birmingham New Street, I got back to Four Oaks and made a start on with my usual Friday evening chores. Who knows, tomorrow I may actually be sober enough to run.

Random photos from Day 7

I think it was a case of rain stopped play. As a hydrologist I shouldn’t complain, the Thames catchment needs the rain. I sheltered underneath a tree and tried and failed to capture the torrential rain.

Now that I’ve left Wallingford I’ll have to find something else to take photos of. I can guarantee there won’t be loads of food and drink related photos. My belly and bank balance need a break.

Best thing spotted on the Internet on Day 7

I love stats so found this article interesting. Apparently, as more women signed up for marathons, the average female marathon time got slower between 1986 and 2001. However, after 2001 females appear to have got faster, declining on average by four minutes. My efforts have all been well below average!

Cumulative Juneathon Distance: 5 km

It’s now Saturday morning and I can’t think of anything else to write. Have a great day and I hope the weather is better wherever you are.


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