Juneathon Day 16: the one with far, far too much housework for a Sunday

Good afternoon, sorry for publishing two blogs in one day. Normal service will soon resume. I’ve not been in the office today so I’ve been ticking off loads on my ‘things to do list’.

So, what did I get up to on Day 16 of Juneathon? Not much, so this Juneathon update will be shorter than usual.

I spent the morning blitzing the house; it took me well over an hour to dust and vacuum every room, where on earth does all the dust come from? Vacuuming completed, I spent far too long cleaning the bathroom before finally tackling the kitchen. I can guarantee that it will be a mess again next weekend.

Clean House Injured Runner


Housework complete, I spent a little too long watching India take on Pakistan in the ICC World Cup. The atmosphere in Manchester looked amazing; it’s just a shame the weather had such an impact on what could well turn out to be the match of the tournament.

Highlights (?) of my evening included an hour of Diamond League athletics, an episode of Holby City and some FleaBay related admin. Not the most interesting Sunday ever but after a hectic week or so probably just what I needed.

Random photos from Day 16

I could have taken some before and after housework photos but the ‘before’ photos would have been embarrassingly bad.

Best thing spotted on the Internet on Day 16

I’m such an old fart I can actually remember a fair amount of the Barcelona Olympics. Although Sally Gunnell was my hero, this clip still has the ability to make me quite emotional.

In my humble opinion, this clip shows what fatherhood is all about.

Cumulative Juneathon Distance: 16.5 km


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