Juneathon Day 19: the one with a lot of emails and an afternoon nap

When this blog is published I’ll hopefully have made it to the Exeter office. If I’m still on a train when this goes live I have a problem as my meeting started at 10:00.

So, what did I get up to on Day 19 of Juneathon? Did I avoid the rain? Did I have any train related issues? Did I run? Did I have an afternoon nap?

The morning got off to a slightly wet start. I’ve reached the conclusion that the weather is taunting me; the second I stepped out the door it started to rain, again. I was doing a great impression of a drowned rat when I reached the local train station. I experimented with the 06:20 train. This train was surprisingly busy but meant that I didn’t have to rush between Birmingham New Street and Moor Street. It also meant I had a bit of time to take some photos of Birmingham Moor Street station.

Work was okay. I spent most of the morning deleting over 1000 emails relating to my old job. Seeing an email reminder about ‘Beer and Bants’ made me feel quite gloomy. For the first time since moving offices I wished I was back in Wallingford. People in my new office don’t seem to have lunch as a team; I’ve already got back into the bad habit of eating lunch at my desk.

I was ready to leave at 15:30 and back home just over an hour later.

I got home and headed straight to bed for a nap. A waste of the late afternoon, but I felt mentally and physically exhausted. I woke up an hour later feeling like a new person, prepared and cooked myself a reasonably healthy meal and did some work on my paper corrections. I had a shower, got my ‘stuff’ ready for my trip down to Exeter and then went to bed at sensible time.

It’s just a shame I struggled to get to sleep.

Random Photos from Day 19

The first three photos were taken inside Birmingham Moor Street station…

…the final photo was taken on a virtually empty train; I miss London so much I was tempted to stay on the train.

Best thing spotted on the Internet on Day 19

Ok, so isn’t free to view but after watching Skid Row Marathon last summer, I’ll be dusting off my credit card.

If you haven’t already watched Skid Row Marathon I can 100% recommend watching it.

Cumulative Juneathon Distance: 16.5 km


2 thoughts on “Juneathon Day 19: the one with a lot of emails and an afternoon nap

    • Emma says:

      I think I’m going to watch it this afternoon/evening. I’ve just created myself a Vimeo account in preparation. It costs £9 to buy Skid Row Marathon to stream/download anytime.


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